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Wednesdays–Intermediate Technique

by on Jan.15, 2018, under Class Resources, News & Events

Interested dancers may sign up for the technique hour of the Level ⅔ Class on Wednesdays which runs 7:30-9:30.   IF you are interested in the technical portion of class, you may register for that hour only.

Please see All Classes listings or Registration Form for Winter 2018.


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Winter Classes Start Jan. 16 and 17

by on Jan.05, 2018, under Class Resources, News & Events

Tuesday’s BFF class will be geared more towards those with some experience.  

Beginners should register for the Level 1 class at 8-9 pm on the same night.   Or, register for both.


7-8 pm   BFF/ Bellydance Fun Flow — for those with prior experience

8-9 pm  Essentials/Core Techniques for Egyptian Bellydance   –intended for beginners to the dance form


Level 2 / 3  — Choreo for Performance

7:30-8:30 pm   Egyptian intermediate technique

              *may be taken alone — $165 for the session

8:30-9:30 pm  Choreography

See Classes & Workshops for more information and to Register.


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“Myth, Magic, Mischief” dvds ready!

by on Nov.21, 2017, under News & Events

Dancers who participated in this show in 2016 can pickup their dvd in Nicola’s classes after Dec. 1.

If you’d like to send a delegate for your group, please let Nicola know via email.

Delays were experienced due to technical issues with the footage and the program used to make the dvds.

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A Gift for You!

by on Nov.15, 2017, under Class Resources, News & Events

Register with a friend on the same day, and you’ll both get a treat!


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Class Contest !

by on Nov.14, 2017, under Class Resources, News & Events

Thanks to everyone who participated!

And the winning classes are…


7-8   pm     BFF   Bellydance Fun Flow   

8-9 pm   Level 1 / Essentials of Egyptian Dance (Core Techniques)

* Registrations now due in full.  

Questions?      email 

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Ready, Set, DANCE! Winter Registration Open!

by on Nov.14, 2017, under Class Resources, News & Events

Registration for all classes is now OPEN.

Spots are held with payment.

Forms may be brought or updated in class #1, if you are prepaid.

SESSION STARTS:   January 16 & 17

SESSION ENDS:   March 20 & 21

10 classes total


Bring a Friend— register on the same day with a friend and get a gift



7-8     BFF / Bellydance Fun Flow    

 8-9 pm    Level 1   Essentials / Core Techniques



7:30-9:30   Level 3

Choreography for Performance



All Registrations now due in full.

Go to “Classes & Workshop” to get more information, and to register.

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Website & computer security breach

by on Aug.23, 2017, under News & Events

This website and my home computer were targeted and compromised July-August 2017.

The site was hacked, and was used as a launching point for mass/spam email.   If you received strange email, it was without my knowledge or approval.

Black Sun, my hosting company, caught the problem in mid-August.   I’ve been assured the breach is now closed, and this site is back to normal.   However, closing the breach means that the option to sign up as a site user is closed, which is fine since this is not a traditional blog with comment threads.

Six full malware scans have been completed on my home computer.  We did find, clean, and extract 6 different pieces of malware.   I’m now able to process payments and send and receive documents safely.

We apologize for the delays and inconvenience this has caused, as well as slow response times while the computer and site have been in scanning/cleaning modes.

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“Raks into Summer” ?

by on May.31, 2017, under News & Events

Hello and thank-you to teachers, students and performers who’ve asked if R.I.T.S. is happening this year.

We are taking a year off in hopes that next year there will be more willing teachers and their students wanting to present this group effort recital on the theatre stage.

So much work is required to make this show happen, and with Scheherazade just having been danced in May, we are a little tired!

If you are a teacher or performer and would like to contribute to next year’s show, please contact Nicola at   Beyond performers, we need help with poster creation and distribution, promotions, ad space, social media visibility, tickets sales, day-of tasks, and more!

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Become a Patron of the Arts: Go Fund Me for “Scheherazade”

by on Apr.18, 2017, under Information, News & Events



I am hard at work co-directing and co-producing Scheherezade and the 1001 Nights with Pedro Aurelio of Bolero Dance Theatre .   This fusion show will combine Egyptian, Spanish, flamenco, ballet, and interpretive dances.   BDT will dance with my group, Nicola & Amar Egyptian Dance .

Pedro and I are passionately dedicated to honouring the heart & soul of our genres, as we push boundaries to create new and exciting expressions with meaningful stories.   As community dance groups developing local amateur talent, we are dedicated to bettering local dance theatre through  beautiful, well-crafted shows.

We’re celebrating 20th anniversaries–20 years for Bolero and 20 for me in the world of bellydance as Nicola .
This is a true dream project for Pedro and I.  We’ve previously created Cleopatra, which played in 2012 and again in 2013 at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

We are not eligible for what little arts funding exists for our big expenses such as studio rentals, costuming, musicians, and props.   We are drawing from personal incomes.
We’re very skilled at working with a tight budget, but this year’s is tighter than ever!   We’re in the home stretch–needing patrons-at-large to support our hard-working groups.
None of the dance cast is taking a pay cheque from this production, the directors included.  We do this because we love to dance and want to share our passion.
Funds will be for:
-costuming our cast of 20 dancers — pants, skirts, hip scarves, jewellery, fans, wings, head dresses, etc.
-honoraria to our sewing help
-prop purchase & creation
-sets & technical features–including light, smoke effects
-ideally, honoraria for the cast.
The Show is May 6 & 7 of this year!
Funds needed urgently.
Support will mean I can avoid personal debt in completing this production, and we can guarantee a sparkling, awesome show experience for our local fans.
There are truly no words to describe how grateful we will be to get this support.
We will be thanking all donors in our program and on our websites.
Reward levels are in place, however, you can donate what you choose.  Every $5 helps!   

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by on Apr.18, 2017, under News & Events

Nicola & Amar Egyptian Dance with Bolero Dance Theatre proudly present…


A sumptuous feast for the senses.   20+ dancers and musicians in a lively re-telling of the Arab fairy tales.

May 6   7:30 pm

May 7  2 pm

Centre Culturel-Franco Manitobain

340 Provencher

Tickets $20 adults

$15 kids/students/seniors 55+

From McNally Robinson or online from <>

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PHOTOS UP for Myth, Magic & Mischief, Scheherazade & 1001 Nights

by on May.21, 2016, under News & Events

Letting our dreams and nightmares out to play...

Letting our dreams and nightmares out to play…

June 11  8 pm

PTE Mainstage

Starring:  Zafirah, Starfire Bellydance Collective, Ruth Reimer, Nicola, Pedro Aurelio, Lovely Lady Elle, Kevla, Kalila, Asra, Aremi, Amar Egyptian Dance Company.

May 2017 with Bolero Dance Theatre

CCFM Theatre

Starring:   BDT, Amar, Pedro Aurelio, Nicola


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CLEOPATRA at Fringe Festival 2013

by on Jun.05, 2013, under News & Events



Bolero Dance Theatre and Amar Egyptian Dance presented their production of Cleopatra for the 2013 Winnipeg Fringe Festival, featuring Beatriz Barcelo from Madrid, Spain in the role of Cleopatra.


Shows ran July 19-21 and 25-28 at the Centre Culturel Franco Manitobain, 340 Provencher.


Check out this video preview of clips from the fall production!


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I don’t know what level I am and don’t want to start over. / I feel like I’m not making progress.

by on Apr.16, 2013, under FAQs

Those of you who may have taken classes with me as recently as 2011 need to know that there’s been a big change in the way my classes are structured as well as how I teach them.

These 2 concerns are very intertwined.

I used to offer a typical, Western-style, levelled class schedule, e.g. “beginner”, “intermediate”, etc.  I even offered “advanced” classes for a while until I talked more with colleagues in other cities and actually went to real advanced classes.   ( I so wasn’t ready to teach “Advanced”.)  I taught in what I believed was the best way—breaking things down into small, single moves /steps, with lots of breakdown of how to do them, in a linear progression.   That worked for some.   But not all.  And it certainly wasn’t getting many to a place of feeling and embodying the dance as it’s meant to be. (continue reading…)

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Free parent/child “Wiggle & Giggle” dance classes

by on Apr.02, 2012, under Class Resources, News & Events

Nicola teaches her Global Groovers class for the Wiggle, Giggle & Munch preschool child/parent drop-in program.  This funded program introduces young children and their parents to dance, movement, cooperative games,  and music.  All welcome! Boys and girls, moms and dads.

Alternating Mondays, 9:45 am at Ralph Brown CC, alternating Thursdays at Ralph Brown School Family Room,   10 am and 1 pm (call the school for the schedule or check here under “Classes”).

RBCC is on Machray Avenue, across from the McGregor Armoury–enter near the hockey rink. Ralph Brown School is the opposite end of the building. Parking lot is adjacent.  Barber House is on Euclid Avenue near Sutherland.   Street parking at all locations.

No pre-registration required! This is a FREE for parents and tots.   Snack and craft  included.  Guest  instructors appear each week, and have included circus arts, creative dance, powwow, hip hop, African, Irish, ballet, and more.

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“Why don’t you do group coupons or daily deals?”

by on Mar.08, 2012, under FAQs

I believe very strongly that deep discounts lead to deep disregard.   I understand that many businesses believe these deals get people in the door, but it’s been my experience that they don’t keep people there.    I believe people will value what others value, and often the appropriate price tag is a huge influence.   (continue reading…)

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