The New Look

Hello and welcome to the site! We are still fine-tuning the new look. Thanks for your patience as we fix small glitches, repair links, and restore photo galleries. Like it?  Like Nicola & Amar Egyptian Dance on Facebook: <> Share on Facebook Follow me

Spring Classes

      Tuesday class has been cancelled. Spring has sprung, we know it’s true, but we can’t run a class without enough of you! (Drop-ins are great for you, but they don’t pay the studio rental…) Please check back later for a new Tuesday class.  WEDNESDAYS: Level 2 / 3 session $220 7:30-8:30 pm […]

About teachers

Anyone can rent studio space and organize a class. Some studio owners do not check out credentials on instructors coming from different dance traditions than they are familiar with. All teachers vary widely in their teaching and performance philsosphies, practice, methods, and styles. Each teacher does have her own unique ways of breaking down moves, teaching prop work, […]