Orient Express 6 Show

Video footage of the dances has already been shared with the performers. Photos are still in progress from Foto D’Adriano. Thanks for your patience. The lighting in the venue presented some challenges for the camera folks. An intimate & interactive haflah cabaret with Hadia, Nicola, and Amar Egyptian Dance. Party meets show meets relaxing with […]

2020 Classes with Nicola

WEDNESDAYS  All classes are continuous registration which means you start at any time.   Classes run until mid June 2020. ___________________________________________________________________________ WEDNESDAYS Technique & Choreo for Performance         For more details see Classes & Workshops…       *click above link and scroll down to see class info* *This is the Amar Egyptian […]

About teachers

Anyone can rent studio space and organize a class. Some studio owners do not check out credentials on instructors coming from different dance traditions than they are familiar with. All teachers vary widely in their teaching and performance philsosphies, practice, methods, and styles. Each teacher does have her own unique ways of breaking down moves, teaching prop work, […]