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BFF class– Bellydance Fun Flow

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BFF–Bellydance Fun Flow

TIME:   7-8 pm

STARTS:   November 7    ENDS:    December 12

Prompt registration is needed to guarantee your spot.

If you pre-pay by Paypal, e-transfer, or mailed payment, you can bring your completed form to class #1.

Nicola’s fun and funky answer to dance  fitness!  Gentler than Zumba, easier than Jazzercise, with some added perks for your heart, soul, and brain.

Egyptian bellydance done flow-style, in fun follow-the-leader combos that will get you moving, keep you grooving, and work up a sweat.   Repetition as well as options to embellish and ornament your movements.

A great beginner level option as well as a “just dance” experience–a great way to learn transition and flow for more experienced bellydance students.    Dance veils will be provided, or bring your own.

All ages and shapes welcome!


sessional      80.   

drop-ins (space permitting)     15.



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CANCELLED–Roula Saïd in Orient Express Show October 28

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With deep regret and sadness, this event is now cancelled.

Nicola would like to thank Roula for her understanding and putting aside time in her very busy schedule to come to Winnipeg.  It’s truly our loss that she won’t be teaching here now.

Thanks also to those who registered promptly and with enthusiasm.


The lovely, delightful, and wonderful Roula Said in performance, with special guests including Nicola.

Saturday October 28 

doors 7:30    show 8 pm

Hallowe’en CABARET!

Up close & interactive…



Franco Manitoba Cultural Centre/CCFM

Upstairs hall

Tickets in advance $15 adults $10 kids (12 and under)

At the door $20

cash bar & treats

Ticket link will be up soon.  Dancers and drummers registering for the workshops can buy tickets through the registration form.

Footage of Roula in performance:


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Website & computer security breach

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This website and my home computer were targeted and compromised this summer.

The site was hacked and was used as a launching point for spam email.   If you received strange email, it was without my knowledge or approval.

Black Sun, my hosting company, caught the problem on the site in mid-August.   I have been assured the breach is now closed, and this site is back to normal.   However, closing the breach means that the option to sign up as a site user is closed, which is fine since this is not a traditional blog with comment threads.

Three full malware scans have been completed on my home computer.  We did find, cleaner and extract 6 different pieces of malware.   I am now able to process payments and send and receive documents safely .

We apologize for the delays and inconvenience this has caused, as well as slow response times while the computer has been in scanning/cleaning mode.

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CANCELLED–Roula Said in Winnipeg October 27-29

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Event now cancelled.

WORKSHOPS   Orient Express 5

with Roula Said

of Toronto, Canada

Come learn with this delightful and innovative teacher, dancer, musician, and vocalist.

Rejuvinate and invigorate your dancing, teaching, and playing!

Truly, something for everyone–Egyptian, Lebanese, Am-Cab, fusion, tribal–Roula transcends boundaries!

About Roula:

Roula Said is a multi-faceted artist who has mainly dedicated her talents to Middle Eastern music and dance.

One of Canada’s leading lights in the world of bellydance, Roula is the director of Om Laila Studio and the vocalist, dancer and percussionista of Gypsy/Arabic funk band, Nomadica (which she co-leads with Juno-Award Winning trumpeter and composer, David Buchbinder). Roula is also principal Arabic vocalist for David’s upcoming project,Routes of Andalucia, which will premier on opening night of Toronto’s new cultural institution, the Agha Khan Museum, in September 2014.  Nomadica were nominated for a 2017 Juno award.

Roula is an inspiring teacher who has been sharing the wisdom and pleasure of bellydance for over 25 years. She has taught workshops from coast to coast in Canada, as well as in the US. Along with her warm and poetic teaching style, Roula also brings to students her fluency in the Arabic language and vast knowledge of Middle Eastern music. As a musician, she sings and plays qanun and percussion, having studied with George Sawa, Simon Shaheen, Bassam Bishara and master musicians in Aleppo, Syria.

Roula is also a masterful finger cymbal player and has developed a thorough and challenging methodology for teaching and playing the saghat/zills which she is currently setting to video.  She is also excited to launch the Musical Dancer Choir in the fall of 2014, presenting Arabic song and dance as never before.

LIMITED SPACES! Content may be revised pending registration numbers.  

This is a not-for-profit  educational event.   Prices are fixed.         

LIMITED SPACES! Content may be revised pending registration numbers.
This is a not-for-profit educational event.

Friday Location: TBA
registration/shopping 6:30 pm
Open to dancers and percussionists.
Authentic Arabic rhythms for dance. Explore the relationship between dancer and drummer. Open to percussionists, dancers, and any interested. Roula’s experience as both a musician and dancer are invaluable resources. No drum? There will be a couple of extra on hand. You may also attend and enjoy this as lecture and demonstration. ______________________________________________________________________________
Saturday Location:  Franco-Manitoban Cultural Centre/CCFM,
registration/shopping 9:30 am
10 am – 12:30 pm GET ZILLY!              Open to dancers and percussionists.
Mini intensive, all levels. Rhythms, drills, combos. Study Roula’s methodology from the ground up and fall in love with your rings and clacks. Learn rhythms, patterns, how to keep the beat with your feet, use a metronome, make high-quality sounds, and put it all together with your dance to live or recorded music or your vocals. Take-home materials to keep you busy for hours!
~~~~~~~~~~~ lunch break/shopping/registration 12:30-1:30 pm ~~~~~~~~~~~~
1:30 pm – 4 pm GET ZILLY! CHOREOGRAPHY         Open to dancers only.
Learn with Roula’s signature teaching style, incorporating Seven Waves plus her zills methodology. A lovely and luscious dance “El Gourya”. Yummy up your dancing!_____________________________________________________________________________________________
Sunday Location: Rising Star Academy of Arts   10-1600 Regent West at Panet Road
A day for dancers to go deeper, connect, be challenged. Content is intended for more experienced dancers.

Connect to your body in a new and nourishing light through Roula’s multi-level movement methodology. Work ever-evolving layers of hip and chest families, shimmies, waves, 8’s, spirals and circles and feel how they are pathways to feminine strength, sensuality and self-care, with deep roots in the Middle Eastern traditions.

Whole day only for the best experience. Gain a deeper understanding of the gorgeous music used for raks sharqi from a native speaker, singer, musician and dancer. Create and explore the energy to embody and communicate through your dance, with special focus on powerful performance techniques – breath, facial expression, inner story, attitude.

10 am – 12:30 pm Part 1
~~~~~~~~~~~ lunch break/shopping/registration 12:30-1:30 pm ~~~~~~~~~~~~
1:30 pm – 4 pm Part 2








Roula Said in performance:

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Level 3 class starts September 13

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Fall session for LEVEL 3  is scheduled to start September 13.

Location is Shirley’s Dance Studio, Tache at Eugénie.   The studio is on the lower level and we dance in the back studio.

Wednesdays is choreography for performance.    7:30-9:30




Beginner     7-8 PM    

Intermediate techniques      8-9:30 pm


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“Raks into Summer” ?

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Hello and thank-you to teachers, students and performers who’ve asked if R.I.T.S. is happening this year.

We are taking a year off in hopes that next year there will be more willing teachers and their students wanting to present this group effort recital on the theatre stage.

So much work is required to make this show happen, and with Scheherazade just having been danced in May, we are a little tired!

If you are a teacher or performer and would like to contribute to next year’s show, please contact Nicola at   Beyond performers, we need help with poster creation and distribution, promotions, ad space, social media visibility, tickets sales, day-of tasks, and more!

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Free parent/child “Wiggle & Giggle” dance classes

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Nicola teaches her Global Groovers class for the Wiggle, Giggle & Munch preschool child/parent drop-in program.  This funded program introduces young children and their parents to dance, movement, cooperative games,  and music.  All welcome! Boys and girls, moms and dads.

Alternating Mondays, 9:45 am at Ralph Brown CC, alternating Thursdays at Ralph Brown School Family Room,   10 am and 1 pm (call the school for the schedule or check here under “Classes”).

RBCC is on Machray Avenue, across from the McGregor Armoury–enter near the hockey rink. Ralph Brown School is the opposite end of the building. Parking lot is adjacent.  Barber House is on Euclid Avenue near Sutherland.   Street parking at all locations.

No pre-registration required! This is a FREE for parents and tots.   Snack and craft  included.  Guest  instructors appear each week, and have included circus arts, creative dance, powwow, hip hop, African, Irish, ballet, and more.

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Ideas for Blessing Ways: Honouring the Expectant Mother Through Gathering and Ritual

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A Blessing Way does not have to take on spiritual connotations, nor involve “ritual” if that idea may make the mother uncomfortable. Ritual is simply a series of actions combined with spoken or written words that are focused around a common intent or purpose. No deity need be invoked or prayed to, your “prayers” or “blessings” may be directed in general to the mother, or the Universe, or to whatever you choose. (continue reading…)

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Blessing Ways

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The Blessing Way is a ceremony that prepares and celebrates the passage a pregnant woman and her child experience in birth. It may also be a time to prepare an adoptive mother (or both parents) for their journey into parenthood. The term “Blessing way” is borrowed from the Navajo, who practiced this kind of ritual within their own time-honoured traditions.   (continue reading…)

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About Private Instruction

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Private lessons are a wonderful, important, and effective way to hone your dancing skills. Nicola teaches private and semi-private lessons either in a studio space or your home. (continue reading…)

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About teachers

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Anyone can rent studio space and organize a class. Some studio owners do not check out credentials on instructors coming from different dance traditions than they are familiar with. All teachers vary widely in their teaching and performance philsosphies, practice, methods, and styles. Each teacher does have her own unique ways of breaking down moves, teaching prop work, correcting, and generally passing on knowledge. (continue reading…)

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About class levels

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Levels are rarely consistent from teacher to teacher.  It’s in your best interest to contact any teacher prior to registering if you are coming from another instructor. (continue reading…)

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How to choose the best type of class for you

by on Feb.03, 2012, under Class Resources

A teacher cannot be all things to all students. Nor can a single class. It is important to understand your own reasons for taking classes, in any dance form. 
Here are some suggestions to help you pick.  (continue reading…)

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Spice Road is “at the oasis”

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DSC_0013Spice Road Belly Dance is on an indefinite break.

Winnipeg’s best party and event bellydance troupe members are working on new projects.

Nicola will be busy with Amar Egyptian Dance, a project-based, theatre stage dance group, whose first performance was Cleopatra, October 6-7, which will be reprised for the 2013 Fringe Festival.

Photos of Spice Road can be found at   See our video gallery for clips from past shows.

Nicola thanks Asra, Zafirah, Lisa, Christine, Sephie, Kristen, and Za’ina for the fun and the challenges Spice Road brought.   Happy trails!

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