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Styles & stars of “bellydance” video clips

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You can find a one-stop video clip library of the best of Egyptian dance at Sahra Saeeda Kent’s YouTube channel.

A one-stop guide to get a clear and accurate picture of what this dance form should look like.  Get a very clear idea of what Nicola does and doesn’t teach or perform. Understand Egyptian dance, “bellydance” in its permutations, and see examples of regional dances as well as theatre folklore.

Hadia also has several articles on Egyptian dance with video clips inserted at her site (see Links).

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About Restaurant Dancing

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Ah, the restaurant gig.

Fun, unpredictable, often ill-paying, it’s regular, bread-and-butter work, yet is often also tiring and tedious. It tends to be the last bastion of bad dancing. On occasion, it is the secret stomping (shimmying?) grounds of diamonds-in-the-rough. I know I cut my performance teeth and learned the hardest way possible the year I danced 2-4 times a month alongside other dancers at an upscale bistro. (continue reading…)

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About Formal Stage Shows

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In no particular order…

These types of shows often: 

  • feature local and visiting dancers and a headliner or star, who closes the show; or, feature a variety of dancing amongst which is bellydancing
  • place the better dancers later in each half of the show, and latest in the second half, with some exceptions; or, may have a random order; or, be ordered based on diversity of style and mood   (continue reading…)
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About Saiidi Dance & Music

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This is intended as a supplement to  Intermediate classes and Saidi workshops held between 2005 and the present.

The Said (also spelled Saiid ) is a region of Egypt, located along the Nile banks from Cairo south to about Aswan. (South of the Said is a region known as Nubia.) The people of the Said have historically been farmers, known as fellahin, but now also include a rural working class as the region industrializes and changes. (continue reading…)

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Q ~ Why do I need to learn finger cymbals right away?

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Not every teacher chooses to teach zills in beginner levels, but I recently became convinced by this approach by Cassandra.  The zills are a beautiful, underrated instrument, and being able to accompany yourself or other dancers is really wonderful.   They don’t have to be onerous–after all, they are members of the bell family.   (continue reading…)

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