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What You Need to Know Prior to Booking

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What I Will Need From You, the Host:

  • a private place to change and prepare, preferably with a mirror
  • a safe, secure place for my belongings
  • clear directions to the location, entrance, time, and any other event details (see “Questions”, below)
  • payment upon arrival, in cash ( I will only accept cheques from organizations) (continue reading…)
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How to Tip a Dancer

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resturant (4)Tips are a traditional part of the dance show, but many Westerners do not know how to do it tastefully and respectfully. Some dancers will not accept tips directly, which is their choice. I accept tips. Most dancers feel appreciated by the giving of tips, as it shows you really enjoy what she is doing. (continue reading…)

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About Charging Standard Rates

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I encourage other dancers to expect and request a consistent, minimum rate for teaching and performing. I only provide referrals to teachers and performers who do so. This is our livelihood, not just a hobby or past time. There are often very talented hobby dancers and troupes that will perform at community events and fundraisers for a discount or for free. Many professional dancers, including myself, will also book a number of discounted or free shows for charity and community causes we support. (continue reading…)

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Q – What is appropriate behaviour during a show for the performer and the audience?

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Westerners are used to a very polite distance between themselves and a dancer. We’re used to sitting back in a darkened theatre with the dancer elevated on a stage. (continue reading…)

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Q ~ I want to hire a dancer for an event, but I don’t want it to be too sexy. How do I tell her this?

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Most of us do not put on racy, provocative shows. Sometimes we are playful, and we are paid to be entertaining. If we know (and usually we ask questions about your event) that there will be children and/or elders there, we will tailor our dance and costuming to be more conservative. A great dancer will put on a great show, no matter who is watching.

(continue reading…)

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