Styles & stars of “bellydance” video clips

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You can find a one-stop video clip library of the best of Egyptian dance at Sahra Saeeda Kent’s YouTube channel.

A one-stop guide to get a clear and accurate picture of what this dance form should look like.  Get a very clear idea of what Nicola does and doesn’t teach or perform. Understand Egyptian dance, “bellydance” in its permutations, and see examples of regional dances as well as theatre folklore.

Hadia also has several articles on Egyptian dance with video clips inserted at her site (see Links).

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Looking the Part: General Costuming Guidelines for Performance of Middle Eastern Dance

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Students of Middle Eastern dance find out very soon into their studies that this is a costly dance form, with a world of deliciously sparkly, beautiful choices of costuming, both homemadeheartandstroke and imported. The average student of the dance is in it as a hobby, and would be best advised to keep her spending modest and her costume basic. You can put together an affordable, lovely, flattering costume for use in class and recitals, by making it yourself, buying pieces new or second-hand, or purchasing a full costume ready-made. (continue reading…)

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Protocols and Expectations of Performing as a Professional Dancer, or, How To Avoid Stepping on Toes

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This is an opinion piece. I won’t hide behind a pseudonym or pen name and pretend that the opinions belong to someone else. I also won’t apologize for the opinions. The opinions expressed below are done so very candidly for the intent of informing intermediate level dancers who may be interested or intent upon performing publicly. I write and share this knowing full well that the reader does not have to agree with me, nor take what I write to heart. Take it or leave it. (continue reading…)

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What You Need to Know Prior to Booking

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What I Will Need From You, the Host:

  • a private place to change and prepare, preferably with a mirror
  • a safe, secure place for my belongings
  • clear directions to the location, entrance, time, and any other event details (see “Questions”, below)
  • payment upon arrival, in cash ( I will only accept cheques from organizations) (continue reading…)
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The Golden Guidelines for Performing (in any venue, at any level, for any reason…)

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Here is the best advice I have been given, the best advice I can pass on, and what has served me best in all areas and all venues of performing. I always try to be prepared, plan for a few scenarios, and expect that something will go wonky, if not for me then for someone I call a friend. You just never know what will come up. (continue reading…)

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