Q – Will I have to dance in a recital or learn a choregraphy?

In my classes, the choice to dance in recitals is yours. I don’t believe teachers should rush or push students into making costumes and performing. That would not happen in an adult dance class in any other genre. I consider it appropriate to ask students in my studio classes if they want to perform in the year end recital.

Many students are in class for fun, and may have no previous dance experience. Learning and remembering a choreography may be very stressful for them. Scripted dances should be viewed as a teaching tool, not an expectation of perfection. In my classes, we all learn the choreographies, as an example of how different movements and steps fit a chosen piece of music.

Some teachers like to crank out “dancers” to show how great they are as teachers. I am skeptical and suspicious of those who are rushed, or who themselves rush into performing. Learn the craft and you will enjoy respect and appreciation.

There are lots of opportunities to dance in recitals and dance events, in many Middle Eastern dance communities, for you if and when you are ready to make the big leap.
It is a very difficult thing to recover from a bad reputation that you may earn by going out there and performing badly as a soloist, particularly if you portray yourself as a “professional” when you are nowhere near ready.

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