No, no and no. If it looks like lingerie, it is just that, and lingerie, no matter how pretty, is still underwear. It lacks sufficient reinforcement and decoration to be a proper costume piece.

Teachers may be forgiving/understanding in recital situations where you may be putting together your first effort, on a budget, and without a lot of experiengallery shots (5)ce, time to prepare, or knowledge. Out in the wider public, and if you are dancing at a paid gig, you must look the part and dress properly. Your appearance reflects on all of us.  Get informed and educated, make the time and effort, and spend the money. Check out the numerous resources that tell you how to construct a proper costume bedlah (bra and belt), or ask a pro if you can take a close look at hers.  I recommend Dawn Devine Brown’s books on how to make costume bras.

Properly made, properly fitting bras for Orientale dance are custom fitted to your body, have no bounce or give, have fully decorated straps (not the kind that come with a bra), and have no visible closures or tags. Typically, if a store-bought bra is used, the back strap, shoulder straps, and hooks have all been removed and replaced with non-stretchy, reinforced, multi-layered sections and heavy-duty hooks. A dance costume is very heavy and often very stiff, and is intended to hold you up, in, and still (e.g. no continuous bounce in the bosom as you dance). Usually, the cups are thick, stiffened, lined, and have the push-up silhouette. They take a lot of care and time to make, but you will be happy you did it, especially if you are curvy.

You don’t want to be falling out the top or bottom, so always start with a bra that fits beautifully.  Many bras made in the Middle East are not built on conventional bras at all, but pieced from scratch by the costumer. Dancers with larger breasts may get a better fit with a bra they make themselves or custom order from a North American based costumer who is willing to work with a bra you have fitted yourself.   Eshta in L.A. and Sameerah of Invoke the Goddess designs are 2 such costumers.