100_0853Workshops are a lot of work (pardon the pun) to put on.  If a host is bothering to do make the effort and front all the money required to bring in a guest artist, it’s almost always worth your time.  When a host bothers to spend the time and money to bring someone in from out of town, she/he has to promote a workshop and show, pay for the venues, tickets, brochures, posters, provide food for the guest artist, billet or or pay hotel costs for that visiting dancer, and run things in general for 2-3 days straight. Workshops cost thousands of dollars to host and require months of planning and preparation. The host has to pay that money out her/his own pocket and hope that the workshop and show cover the costs.
You may not like the STYLE of dance being taught, e.g. if you dance ATS, you may not see the point of going to an Egyptian Orientale workshop. However, if a host is bothering to do all that work and pay all that money to bring someone in, that visiting dancer will be of a very high calibre. This is especially true if someone has been invited back after a previous workshop. It means their last one was successful and popular. Go to the workshop and find out for yourself.