Private lessons are a wonderful, important, and effective way to hone your dancing skills. Nicola teaches private and semi-private lessons either in a studio space or your home.

Private lessons are excellent (and best suited) for:airbase article red (5)

  • fine-tuning your technique;
  • developing or getting feedback on a choreography you are creating or working on;
  • getting help with a specific movement or set of movements that you are struggling with;
  • correcting stubborn bad habits;
  • corrections and suggestions specific to you, your level, your body, your personality;
  • developing higher-level skills and arts such as expression, musical interpretation, advanced layering, transitions in/between songs, unusual prop work/moves.
  • students who have achieved at least an advanced beginner level. This is to ensure a degree of proficiency with isolations, strength, visual and kinesthetic skills, and general understanding of the dance. Inexperienced dancers may have difficulty applying corrections.

Privates can be cost-prohibitive if you are an absolute beginner.   Private lessons work best when you know exactly what you want to work on, as specifically as possible, and you give notice of this before the lesson takes place.

Privates can be an excellent way to “catch up” if you have missed many classes in a session.

Expect that you will have full attention. No phone calls, faxes, visitors, multitasking and so on. Remember, the time  spent talking to you about dancing and what you came to learn counts as instruction. Suggested  2-hour booking to be the most effective.

Please contact Nicola for more information and booking availability. In general, Nicola prefers to teach in the studio. Students are responsible for paying any studio fees incurred.
Private rate is $40 per hour plus studio rental. Semi-private (2-3 people) is $45 per hour plus rental.   Studio rentals require advance, non-refundable payment (7 days prior) to secure the space.
Nicola is not able to get refunds on booked time at the studios, so there are no refunds in the event that you cancel.