resturant (4)Tips are a traditional part of the dance show, but many Westerners do not know how to do it tastefully and respectfully. Some dancers will not accept tips directly, which is their choice. I accept tips. Most dancers feel appreciated by the giving of tips, as it shows you really enjoy what she is doing.

Tips are NOT supposed to be a way of paying a dancer to do what you want her to (as in, she is not going to sit on your lap).

Yes, women can and do tip dancers.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Be patient – give her some time to dance (about 10 minutes into a set),
  • Hold up the bill– some people stand up while doing this,
  • Dancers will often present a hip or shoulder to you – take the hint!
  • Place the bill under the shoulder strap or into the SIDE of the hip belt – try not to touch the dancer’s skin as you do so,
  • You can also sprinkle bills over the head of the dancer. She won’t stoop to pick them up–someone else will come along later and take your money to her,
  • It is also traditional to stick the bill to the dancer’s forehead, and sometimes, her belly. This requires a certain amount of sweat to have built up first,
  • She will likely gesture thanks to you by nodding her head or extending her hand,
  • You can always just walk up to her when she is done, and hand her your tip.


  • Put the money in your teeth,
  • Try to tip her in her cleavage or front/back of the belt,
  • Make cat calls, make rude/lewd comments,
  • Try to tip her with coins (don’t be cheap!),
  • Throw money at her or attempt to touch her inappropriately,
  • If you’ve mishandled the tipping procedure, the dancer will probably ignore you and your tip, or may leave it on the floor. In some restaurants, you may be asked to leave.


Author: Nicola
Copyright: © 2005 Nicola
Last updated: 2008/04/03