What I Will Need From You, the Host:

  • a private place to change and prepare, preferably with a mirror
  • a safe, secure place for my belongings
  • clear directions to the location, entrance, time, and any other event details (see “Questions”, below)
  • payment upon arrival, in cash ( I will only accept cheques from organizations)
  • 20% deposit required for private parties and weddings, 50% for a New Year’s Eve. This is non-refundable, unless I must cancel the engagement due to an emergency. Your deposit may be applied toward a future event, in either case.
  • a clear space of at least 5′ by 5′ to dance. There should be no encumbrances or hazards on the floor ceiling or adjacent to the dance space.
  • an introduction, which I will happily provide
  • a stereo system that will play burned CD’s, with sufficient volume to be heard, and someone to press “play”

Questions I will ask:

  • who and how many will be attending (ages, gender, etc.)wedding dance (1)
  • whether or not the guests have seen bellydance before
  • the reason or theme of your event
  • how long a set you require–I will make suggestions based on the kind of event and audience.
  • contact name and number
  • directions/location
  • if the show is a surprise
  • if there is anyone you would pulled up to dance with me–this is loads of fun!
  • if there will be tipping offered –we will discuss how this can happen
  • if you need a receipt
  • for weddings or birthdays, if you would like a copy of the CD I dance to

 Out of town bookings:

  • please remember there will be a transportation fee–see My Rates
  • if overnight accommodations are required, you must cover that cost plus meals

 * The more details you can provide me with, the better a show I can create!

* Sorry, no all-male parties. I may make an exception if the party is booked into a public space. I will bring a chaperone in this case. If you want a stripper, please go hire one!

* I will not dance at any gathering if the most of the guests are intoxicated. Please book the show early in the evening.


Author: Nicola (a version of this appeared in the June 2005 edition of the Belly Button Bulletin, EDCOM’s newsletter)
Copyright: © 2005 Nicola
Last updated: 2006/03/20