Website & computer security breach

by on Aug.23, 2017, under Class Resources

This website and my home computer were targeted and compromised this summer.

The site was hacked and was used as a launching point for spam email.   If you received strange email, it was without my knowledge or approval.

Black Sun, my hosting company, caught the problem on the site in mid-August.   I have been assured the breach is now closed, and this site is back to normal.   However, closing the breach means that the option to sign up as a site user is closed, which is fine since this is not a traditional blog with comment threads.

Three full malware scans have been completed on my home computer.  We did find, cleaner and extract 6 different pieces of malware.   I am now able to process payments and send and receive documents safely .

We apologize for the delays and inconvenience this has caused, as well as slow response times while the computer has been in scanning/cleaning mode.

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