Please read the whole listing before you email with questions…I think I’ve included nearly everything you could want to know.

I had a little cry as I photographed and measured this beauty…my pain is your gain!

Commissioned several years ago, Eshta made only 2 costumes with this sunset gradient satin, and only 1 like this.    Truly gorgeous goddess-size costume!   Something between Marilyn Monroe and Tahia Carioca,  in full riotous colour.    I asked for vintage-inspired, ultra-feminine, buxom bombshell, I-want-to-lick-it pretty.   Eshta delivered!  It literally glows.   If you could capture a sunset over the Pacific Ocean in a costume, this is it!  Supremely elegant.

Sadly, I have NEVER worn this and it has NEVER been out in public to play.   The costume arrived as my autoimmune disease was taking hold, which resulted in a 40 pound weight gain.

Coping with Hashimoto’s has been a lot to bear, and looking at this costume is a reminder of what I’ve lost.  It’s too lovely to be locked away in storage any longer!  Please buy this and let it be on a stage somewhere in its glory.

INCLUDES:  standard size rectangular organza hot pink veil, sunset satin skirt with rolled wired hem, attached to assymetrical belt (wider in the back, skinnier in the front), foam cup bra with back closure, head band, 2 arms bands with drapey bits, plus a few extra stones for repairs.


Bra— made on a 38 DDD foam cup, from La Senza.   Has been stiffened.   Eshta cut the band between the cups, inserted a narrow pink band with a tish of stretch,  and replaced the back straps with lightly reinforced satin.   Straps are 1″ wide, unlined, with handmade, rocaille bead looped fringe at the shoulder, 8 loops of 5 orange and 3 gold.  Handmade paisley-ish appliqués, 3 on each cup, with AB on gold rhinestone trim, peachy faceted glass beads, gold acrylic stones, on hot pink micro sequin net background.  Satin sections on cup are bead-on-flat sequin in pink and gold.   There are 2 round and 4 pear AB crystal in gold setting accents.  There is a single trouser hook closure.   Fully lined with orange cotton.   The front of the cups has delicious tucking that is an homage to the Golden Age of bellydance.   Centre looped fringe drape, orange, pink and gold.   Cups = 8″ vertical, ~ 10.5″ horizontal, diagonal 8.75″ from inner edge to strap attachment;   band between cups is 1″ across widest edge; inside of strap to inside of strap across the chest is about 14″.   Back straps are 15.75″ and 15.25 ” each.  Edge to edge of cups along the bottom is about 14.5″.

Skirt + Belt— I am 5’8″,  so the skirt/belt combo were made for my height.   Circle skirt style, hem is lettuce, rolled with wire.   Bottom of belt to skirt  hem measures 34″ . Belt is narrower in the front (~2.5″)  and wider in the back (~4.5″), with a left hip closure currently with 2 trouser hooks (no counter-set).   There is a split in the skirt where it does up, hem to belt.   Ms. Diana La Mannequin is an 18, so you can see in the photos that the belt does NOT fit her.   Belt has same appliqués and fringe as bra, but more of–18 appliqués, 7 pear AB crystals, 3 rounds, the rest are gold acrylic stones.  Belt measures total of 48″ end to end (that’s without overlap).

Headband–made on a plastic headband, covered with pink stretch fabric and has one appliqué.   Can wear it left or right.

Arm bands–made with same pink stretch as headband.   Firm, non-rolling, 1″ elastic, 5.75 across when flat (so 11.5″ total?) unstretched, 14″ when stretched.

Veil— lovely, glowy hot pink –“pinkitypinkpink” as my friend calls it–standard size, hemmed all around with serged overcast.

This costume has been in a temperate space, away from light, moisture, pets, and other hazards.   It has been in a new, acid free, lidded bin with no other items.   I have literally never had it on.   Please make this gorgeous creation yours!

Original price = $550 USD, plus $25 USD shipping (when the Canadian dollar was crappy).

Asking $450 USD  + shipping to you