Security issue is resolved!

I received an extortion email Monday, October 15.

The email originated in Russia and claimed, among other things, that my laptop had been infiltrated by malware involving keystroke capture.  It also threatened to release intimate images of me to my contact list.  There are no intimate images of myself to disperse, however, I was concerned that my email, Facebook, and Messenger contact lists were vulnerable.   I ceased all digital communication for the duration of the week.

The email has been reported to the RCMP.

The email threat was compounded by a totally coincidental failure of our router plus an external piece of MTS hardware in our neighbourhood junction box.   There was a 36 hour wait on service to correct this.

New antivirus software is in use, and  my computer system has been cleared, and all my passwords have been reset.

As far as I can tell, there was no impact to this site or to my Mailchimp newsletter list.

If you received any links or documents from Nicola & Amar Egyptian Dance during that week, please do not open — delete the email or text. 

I sincerely apologize for the delays and disruptions in service.

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