2019 Classes with Nicola




Level 3  Technique & Choreo for Performance

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*This is the Amar Egyptian Dance working class.*

WHEN:     7:30-8:30   Technique hour

            8:30-9:30   Choreography — Golden Age raks sharqi, baladi, saïdi                 assaya & drum solo

WHERE:  Shirley’s Dance Studio

                    255 Taché at Eugenie

                    lower level

STARTS:   January 16      

RUNS UNTIL:  June 12

FEE:   payment is broken into 2 blocks of 10 weeks each

220.   for 10 weeks

165.    technique hour for  10 weeks

22.      per class  late/partial registration (full evening)

17.      per class late/partial (technique only)

20.    drop-in (prior experience only, technique hour only)

Registration is direct through Nicola.

payment by etransfer or PayPal to nicolaraks@mts.net


WHEN:  8-9 pm      and     9-10 pm

WHERE:    Rising Star Academy of Arts

10-1600 Regent Avenue West (at Panet)

STARTS:    January 24     


FEE:   Please contact RSAA   at 204-669-2369     to register

              or email    <dance@risingstaracademy.ca>

8-9    Essentials

Fun! Frolic!  Freedom!  Feel f-i-n-e! An immersion in the yummy and playful dance of Egypt known here as “bellydance” (really, raks sharqi).  

The essential (most common & important)  movements, their common variations, and basic embellishments.

Introduction to veil prop work, basic finger cymbal technique, and basic intro to Arabic music.

Accessible for all body types, genders, sizes, ages.  Most supplies included–see SUPPLIES in expanded Classes & Workshops listings.

* Essential techniques should be mastered before enrolling in Continuing.* 

9-10    Continuing Egyptian

A comprehensive and thorough grounding in the technical skills and knowledge for intermediate dancers.   Includes:

  • applying Essential movements in combinations and sequences, to the common drum rhythms and musical structures/patterns

  • common finger cymbal (zills, sagat) patterns/rhythms

  • veil prop technique for entrances (magansee)

  • introduction to folkloric dance (saïdi assaya)

  • posture, travel steps, turns, transitions

  • instruments, melodic structures, & interpretations of Arabic music

  • “texturing”, embellishments & variations

  • basic improv techniques (with baladi and taksim)

  • sequences & choreography for shaabisaidi, & sharqi

  • drills, exercises, in-class challenges, partner work, combinations, & more!

Choreography will be prepared for the season-end (2 dances).  Recitals are in June.

Recommended that you have minimum 2-3 continuous sessions of Essentials or “beginner” before registering for these classes, and/or previous dance experience in another style, and/or enrolment in Essentials concurrently.

Please see SUPPLIES in Classes & Workshops under the class’ details.

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