Workshops with Hadia June 8-9, 2019

Hadia is one of Canada’s natural jewels , with the energy of a five year old, the wisdom and candour of an old woman, and the ageless spirit of a true artist.  A multi-genre, multi-lingual performer, teacher, and choreographer, she is the winner of numerous awards, and is in great demand internationally. Her vast experience and training make her an unparalleled master instructor.  Hadia’s ingenious teaching skills blend careful disciplined technique, attentive application to rhythm and music, and encouragement of artistic expression.  Dedicated to educating dancers, she has a fullness and depth to her teaching that challenges and  inspires.  She’s an inspiration for aging with style, sass, and ferocity! Hadia delivers, without filters, clearly and “from the hip”.     She draws upon her multi-faceted, 40+ year career as a dance artist ,as well as 20+ year career as a registered practitioner/ instructor of massage/manual therapy.  She skilfully applies her extensive knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology to thorough, clear and disciplined breakdown of all techniques. Her understanding of the arts and cultures of the Middle East is reflected in her attentive application of rhythms, instruments and phrasing, and her ability to encourage emotional and artistic expression. Her teaching embodies her deep love and respect for our art form as it challenges, inspires, and accommodates all levels of students – novice to professional. Hadia also conducts tours to Turkey and Morocco, and intensive pro courses for performers and teachers.   Her students include Nicola of Winnipeg,  Anya of Edmonton, Hala Jamal of Camrose, Oksana of Grande Prairie, Nath Keo of Victoria, Suzy and Dafne of Calgary, Melissa Gamal of Toronto, Salome of Montreal, and many more.  She has worked with Natacha Atlas, Khomeyya Group of Egypt, Rehan of Turkey, Raqia Hassan, Mme. Denise Enan, Roula Said, Jalilah Zamora, among others.   We are truly blessed to be one of her rare Canadian appearances!

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