CLASSES will RESUME in 2022.

It has been impractical for me to try to rent studio when COVID makes everyone’s life so uncertain. With health orders, case numbers rising, and the need for any one of us to isolate or recuperate, hosting in-person classes is just not realistic.

We are setting up options for online and in-person classes for January of 2022. Ideally, when you sign up you would be able to be in class in a “both/and” scenario–you could be home and participating if you can’t get to the studio.

Fair warning, ALL in-studio participants will have to: ~provide proof of full vaccination

~attend remotely if symptomatic, self-isolating, awaiting test results, and/orliving with someone who is in either of these categories

Class is a potentially a high-risk setting: warm room, moving about in proximity, poor ventilation, breathing hard, laughing, and speaking in a louder than usual voice. The nature of a studio presents risk factors that I cannot, myself, mitigate. For example, all the many other people coming and going, using the same doors and bathrooms and waiting areas, and someone not-me being in charge of cleaning.

The idea of an online show is very appealing, but beyond the technical capacities of my current set up. Also…just not the same. We’re exploring alternative venues including outside options.

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling out of step, frustrated, overwhelmed, and discouraged by the many changes COVID has brought. I’m happy to have spent so much time with my children and husband. But I miss teaching and performing. I wish good health to all my students, fans, fellow dancers, and studio owners. Hopefully we can get back to dance in 2022. Thanks for your patience and your understanding.