COVID update for Nicola & AED


CLASSES will RESUME IN THE FALL, when/if deemed safe and advisable by Health Canada. The second wave of COVID remains a mystery as to impacts and duration. It would be frustrating to start a session and have to cancel it soon afterward. Worse, I don’t want to have anyone, including me, contract the virus through class contact.

PERFORMANCES including “RAKS INTO SUMMER” will be RESCHEDULED as we are able to book theatre/venue space at suitable times and dates. I don’t want to interfere with standing fall events and shows such as Autumnal Adornment.

The idea of an online show is appealing but far beyond my technical abilities and capacity.

It’s been a wild and wooly spring. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the many changes that life with COVID has brought about. I am happy to have spent so much time with my children and husband. But I miss teaching and performing!

I wish good health to all my students, fans, fellow dancers, and studio owners. Hopefully we can get back to dance soon.

At this time, I am unable to offer live-streaming classes online, but may be offering content in short, thematic format for you to follow along with (not interactive). I’m restricted by access to sufficient/suitable technology, as well as by limited bandwidth and internet speed for both uploads and downloads. I’m sharing my computer with my children and must work around their school work, online meetings, as well as sharing internet with my husband who works in network security and must be able to stream, take calls and meetings via internet, etcetera. Plus…I’m Old School. I think there is no substitute for the studio.

Thanks for your patience and your understanding.

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