Privates & Workshops

Private Instruction

Privates are an effective way to hone your dancing skills.

Nicola teaches private and semi-private lessons  in studio.  If you have a home studio room, that may suffice.

Private lessons are excellent (and best suited) for:

  • fine-tuning your technique;
  • developing or getting feedback on a choreography;airbase article red (10)
  • getting help with a specific movement or set of movements that you are struggling with;
  • correcting stubborn bad habits;
  • corrections and suggestions specific to you, your level, your body, your personality;
  • developing higher-level skills and arts such as expression, musical interpretation, advanced layering, transitions in/between songs, unusual prop work/moves.
  • students who have achieved at least an advanced beginner level. This is to ensure a degree of proficiency with isolations, strength, visual and kinesthetic skills, and general understanding of the dance.

Note that:

  • Inexperienced dancers may have difficulty applying corrections.
  • Privates may be cost-prohibitive if you are an absolute beginner.
  • The process works best when you know exactly what you want to work on, and you give notice of this  so Nicola may prepare accordingly.
  • Privates can be an excellent way to “catch up” if you have missed many classes in a session.
  • Nicola suggests a 1.5- 2 hour booking to be the most effective.
  • Nicola prefers to teach in studio. Students are responsible for paying any studio fees incurred, and generally studio time must be prepaid and cannot be refunded in the event that you cancel. 
  • Please contact Nicola for more information and booking availability.
  • For current prices, please see Teaching and Performing Rates   .


Looking to book a workshop for an event, or to add something new to your recreation program?

In addition to introductory, beginner and intermediate techniques, Nicola teaches:

  • Prop techniques–veils (beginner or intermediate), sword/balancing, cane, candle dance;
  • Finger cymbals (zills);
  • Specialty dance techniques–veil dance, drum solo, floor work (for intermediates), entrances/exits, performance skills, rhythms and how to dance to them, dance and folk styles (for beginner and intermediates);
  • Bridal or Birth Blessings;
  • Performance Skills;Image4
  • Goddesses;
  • Life Energy;
  • Restore & Rejuvinate;
  • Post-Partum Bellydance;
  • Mom and Me;
  • Youth/Children;
  • Connecting with Nature (requires outside space);
  • Dancing with the Elements;
  • Choreography;
  • Improvisational Skills.

Workshops may be booked in time chunks of 2 to 6 hours per day at an hourly rate.

Nicola also teaches combinations of lessons and performances.

Please see Teaching and Performing Rates.    Please contact Nicola for further details or to book.

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