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FAQ’s …


  • Many people have fantastical notions of bellydance.  It might be outside of your everyday experience or you’ve seen bellydance that’s off the mark.  Egyptian dance is a cultural dance form with traditions and conventions of its own.  Nicola suggest that you spend some time on Sahra Saeeda Kent‘s YouTube directory on Egyptian dance–  make sure that Egyptian bellydance is what you think it is:

Sahra’s YouTube Channel

  • Egyptian dance is fundamentally different than hybrid bellydance off-shoots such as Amerabic/American Cabaret, and non-cultural hybrids such as ATS and Tribal fusion.  It is not a “style”, and not simply the same moves done to different music in different costume.  Egyptian dance has a unique response to specific music, with certain choices of movements with that music that have evolved in a cultural context over time.
  • Please also refer to the Articles section (above, in sub-menu of this site) for more information on what to expect. Those who attend classes consistently and choose to practice will get the most benefit from the way classes are planned, paced,  and structured.
  • Those who want to try classes are encouraged to attend a minimum of 3 classes in a row.  Nicola can only offer these trials IF the numbers permit.  You’ll pay the drop-in rate for those 3 classes, but if you choose to take the rest of the session, that will be applied to the session at the Regular Rate, if at the beginning of session, or the Late Rate, if starting late.


  • ALL classes run on numbers based on those who’ve paid.   When the minimum is met, it means that Nicola can rent the studio and commit the time to the planning, prepping, and running of the course. Nicola sets low maximum numbers (9)  so that studios are not over-crowded.  This means classes run at little to no profit.
  • “Walk-in” registrations (e.g. on the start day) will be accepted only IF the specific studio space can accommodate the extra student(s).
  • If Nicola must postpone or cancel class, she can only contact those who have actually registered.  We can’t reach you if you have been at home “thinking about it”!
  • ONE registration can make the difference!   If you’ve just discovered Nicola’s classes and are registering late, please confirm with Nicola by phone at 204-957-7520.


  • Tuition covers:   instructional time of each class over the total session; studio rentals; purchase and edits of music; preparation time; supplies provided; administration costs such as banking/Paypal fees, insurance, office help; and  planning/follow-up.    It may also supplement a costume purchase.
  • Fees are consistent with the average cost of studio dance and fitness classes in Winnipeg.  Fees are listed in the Class Schedule and on the Registration Form (above).  Other teachers charging less than $10 per class are undercutting which is a nasty and predatory practice, and usually means they aren’t qualified to teach.
  • Nicola will email to you the Registration Form as a pdf, upon request, if the above link is not working for you.  You may wait to fill this out in the first class if you have already paid in advance.
  • As with other dance and fitness classes, dancers are responsible for paying for their own footwear, dancewear, costuming, and some props.  Nicola will advise on sources and provide you access to at-cost supplies. Please see Supplies for Classes.
  • For comparison, Nicola’s colleague, Pedro Aurelio, charges $125 for 10 weeks of one-hour classes. Students must buy their own shoes ($100+)  and castanets ($25+).  Body Balance classes run $12-13 plus GST per class, at a sessional rate (session length varies).


  • PayPal, e-transferpersonal cheque (to N. Tresoor)money ordercash (in-person only).
  • NSF fee for bounced cheques = $35.
  • Lates and drop-ins must be paid by e-transfercash, or cheque, and require a Registration Form submitted in class.   Paypal will be accepted if paid in advance of your class.
  • Once you’ve completed a Registration Form for a session, as a drop-in you don’t have to redo the form each time you come.
  • You can use your credit card if you have a Paypal account.
  • Only returning students may pay by installments. Minimum of 50% is due on or before class start date, and the remainder in 1-3 additional payments by the half-way point in session.  E.g. in a 12 week session, you must be paid  by week 6, whichever works best.


  • Further up this page, you’ll find a link to the Registration Form. This link is not functional for all browsers.  It also appears in the long version of the Classes & Workshops parent page, found by scrolling through the class descriptions.
  • Request by email:
  • Print the form.
  • Complete, then mail, scan/email,  or, drop off  with your payment.    Sorry we are not set up for full online registration at this time.   Software is cost-prohibitive.
  • Note that you need a witness for the Waiver.
  • There are many options for payment, and that’s so you have both choice and flexibility–Nicola is sensitive to those on limited incomes.
  • If paying by e-transfer or Paypal, your signed registration form may be submitted in class–your digital receipt is confirmation of your payment.  Please include your phone number in case you must be contacted prior to class start date.
  • You may request a receipt if paying by cash or cheque.
  • Drop-ins do require a Registration Form.


  • Each class has a Supply List–above–  come prepared!
  • Please change  into class wear.   Stretchy leggings or yoga pants, a form-fitted stretch top, bare feet or dance slippers, and a hip scarf.    All decorated scarves must be in good condition–no leaking beads and coins!
  • Bare feet or dance slippers–socks and street shoes aren’t recommended on the studio’s flooring.


  • Sorry, there are NO refunds for missed classes, regardless of your reasons.  When a session is run, the studio must be paid for, whether or not you make it to class.   Even in weeks when there is a blizzard, Nicola must pay for the studio time.
  • If more than one class at your level is running, you may attend a different class by the end of the next session.  For example, in Winter session you have until the end of Spring session to do your make-up(s).   Spring session make-ups may be done in Summer (if running) or Fall sessions.
  • Refunds will only be given prior to session start date, less $10 administration fee.
  • Cancelled classes/sessions will be fully refunded.  Cheques are typically shredded; Paypal and e-transfer are returned to the account holder;  cash must be picked up in person.   Students may also choose to take a credit, if offered by Nicola for future classes.
  • Classes may be cancelled/postponed by Nicola or by the studio owners. These classes may be taught by a substitute, held as practice time, or may become credits for future registration or shopping, at her discretion.
  • Students are typically notified by email and Facebook (if you have an account and have “Friended” Nicola or “Liked” Amar Egyptian Dance).  If it’s  day-of, Nicola will post on this site, on Facebook, email the class(based on registrations), and notify the studio owner.

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