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Advance payment is required.

This year marks a return to structured levels.   We’re going back to the heart and soul of authentic Egyptian dance.

STUDIO:  Shirley’s Dance Studio

                       255 Tache @ Eugenie

                       lower level       back studio


BFF–Bellydance Fun Flow

TIME:   7-8 pm

STARTS:   January 16    

ENDS:  March 20

Prior experience recommended..

Prompt registration is needed to guarantee your spot.

If you pre-pay by Paypal, e-transfer, or mailed payment, you can bring your completed form to/in class #1.

Nicola’s fun and funky answer to dance  fitness!

Egyptian bellydance done flow-style, in fun follow-the-leader combos that will get you moving, keep you grooving, and work up a sweat.   Repetition as well as options to embellish and ornament your movements.

A great  “just dance” experience.

Dance veils will be provided, or bring your own.

All ages and shapes welcome!  Previous experience in Egyptian, Lebanese, latin, ATS, tribal fusion or Am-Cab classes recommended.

sessional      140.

later/partial       14.  x   #    of  classes

drop-ins      15.

REGISTRATION:       winter2018registration.revised

Essentials of Egyptian Dance / LEVEL 1

8-9 pm

STARTS:  January 16

ENDS:   March 20 

10 classes

A fun and frolicsome immersion in the yummy and playful dance of Egypt.   Primary focus on “bellydance” more properly called raks sharqi.

Learn the essential movements and  common variations used to play, embellish, and make the movements yours.   These movements can be adapted and modified for the unique needs and preferences of each dancer.

Also basic veil prop work, beginning finger cymbals technique, and Arabic music “101” .

Accessible for all body types, sizes, ages.

Most supplies included.   See SUPPLIES further below.

Please note that we cannot offer “trial” classes at this time.   You are encouraged to pay the drop-in rate if you want to try the class– space permitting!

Sessional registration is encouraged.   Men are welcome, if you are coming to dance–adaptations will be offered.

*For spring session, those who are continuing will be completing a short choreography.  Sequences from this choreography will be taught in the winter sessions, as preparation.

Level 1 techniques should be mastered before attempting Level 2. 


session:       140.*

late registration:     14.  x  number of remaining classes

drop-in:  15.   (space permitting and with prior experience)

*payable in up to 3 installments–50% must be paid by first class.   Remainder by Class #5.   By post-dated cheques or       etransfer.




 Level 2– Variations & Embellishments (Intermediate)



A comprehensive and thorough grounding in the intermediate technical skills and knowledge for aspiring dancers.*  Prepares you thoroughly for performance-track intermediate.


  • applying essential movements in combination and sequence, to common drum rhythms and musical patterns
  • common finger cymbal patterns/rhythms
  • veil techniques for entrance
  • cane dance (Saïdi)
  • posture, travel steps, turns, transitions
  • instruments, melodic structures & interpretations of Arabic music
  • “texturing”, embellishments, & variations
  • basic improv techniques (e.g. for baladi  and  taksim)
  • sequences & choreography for  shaabi, baladi,  saidi, & sharqi
  • drills, exercises, in-class challenges, partner work, combinations & more

Choreography will be prepared for season-end:   Saïdi cane dance, raks sharqi with veil entrance, and time permitting, a short  tabla (drum)  solo.

Recommended that you have minimum one full year of beginners (3 continuous sessions) before registering for these classes, and/or 2+ years of previous dance experience in another style, and/or enrolment in Essentials also.

Syllabus :


Please see SUPPLIES, further below.   Please arrive prepared for the class with the supplies you need.

(*This is the stage that many eager dancers rush.   Most aspiring dancers over-estimate how much time it takes to get the good, solid techniques in the body, and instead rush to learn a long list of nifty tricks.   Nicola’s approach is to “go deep” and really understand the dance form. )



late / partial rate        18. per class  x  number of  classes (prepaid)

drop-ins             20.  per class  (space permitting)



LEVEL 2/3:  Choreography for Performance

7:30-9:30 pm

7:30-8:30   Techniques for Choreography–Golden Age, drum solo, saïdi, baladi.

8:30-9:30  Choreography  (see below)

STARTS:   January 17     ENDS:  March 21    

10 classes/20 hours total    

*10 classes/10 hours if Technique hour only

This is for aspiring and current performers, or dancers who just want to get better.  Teachers welcome–it’s fun and healthy to have a turn as the student!

For Choreography portion, you must have:   

-minimum 3 continuous years of dance at the intermediate level or above to register.

-prior experience with finger cymbals and veil.    (If you need instruction on finger cymbals, please also register for the Tuesday Level 2 class, or contact Nicola regarding private instruction.)

Learn techniques in their musical and interpretive context, through more challenging choreography.  Dig deeper. Hone and polish. Experience the heart and soul of Egyptian dance as we explore detailing, embellishments, flow, transition, meaning, and expression.

Syllabus :

A variety of choreo will be taught, some in part, some in full, over the season.

Dances will include:

NEW!   Nicola’s rockin’ drum solo using contemporary techniques;

NEW!  “Nebtiti Men il Hikiya” — a classic and beloved song, a Golden-Age dance to a medley of star styles featuring moves of the great stars (Tahia Carioca, Samia Gamal, Naima Akef, Souhair Zaki);

NEW! a happy, juicy Fifi Abdo, Lucy, Dina, and Mona Said influenced baladi to “Adullah Ala Keefik”.   

– REVISED–a stage folkloric Saïdi assaya, to an adaptation of Sahra Saeeda’s “Ala Nar” (I’m On Fire).


Please see SUPPLIES, below.

The fees are calculated to reward those dancers making a commitment to their learning and growth in dance by committing to the full session.


sessional:    BEST VALUE!     220. 

*Technique Hour only   165.

late / partial rate           22. per class,  x  number of remaining/chosen classes (whole class)

                                             17. per Technique Hour

drop-ins             25.  per 2 hour class;  20. per hour class  (space permitting)

REGISTRATION:       winter2018registration.revised


Aiewa! Fitness-Flow Bellydance


Please contact owner Sandi Knox (above) to request the class.

Location:   Body Balance Fitness
204-999-1016        1121 Henderson Hwy.


Prompt registration is needed.   Online or in-person registration is through Body Balance.

Nicola’s fun and funky answer to dance  fitness!  Gentler than Zumba, easier than Jazzercise, with some added perks for your heart, soul, and brain.   Egyptian dance done flow-style, in easy follow-the-leader combos that will get you moving, keep you grooving, and work up a sweat.

A great beginner level option.

All ages and shapes welcome! Also a great way to learn transition and flow for more experienced bellydance students.    Dance veils will be provided.

NOTE: registrants must complete make-up classes for any missed ones during the same session– by attending another Body Balance class.   Not transferrable to any other of Nicola’s classes.


ADVANCED “By-request”

By private and semi-private lessons only.

Nicola welcomes dancers who would like a second opinion on a choreography, a custom choreography, coaching, or collaboration on a special project.

Nicola will also teach American Cabaret style to experienced students, including floorwork, sword balancing, veil dance and the cabaret routine for those interested in becoming party/restaurant dancers using that style.

Mom & MeTween/Teen, Children’s & School-based Sessions:

Scheduled on demand.

Nicola has developed educational units that meet Manitoba curricular outcomes, for use in school programs around the subjects of Egypt and Egyptian dance.  She will assemble learning kits on request and with pre-payment. Fees depend on the size of the kit and extent of lesson plans.

Nicola is also available to book as an artist in residence for school programs.   She is also happy to consult with teachers regarding Social Studies curricular strands on ancient cultures (including Egypt).  This can include visual art and craft projects.

NAVEL ACADEMY–Nicola’s Technique Intensive

Winnipeg original, and the first of its kind here!

Typically scheduled in the summer months.

Nicola offers these targeted technique intensives designed to correct glitches, simplify your understandings,  clear away the clutter of too many different approaches, and/or clean up muddy technique.  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Click here for registration form:


The form  is a pdf, which you can view and download with Adobe Reader, a free program that you can download from the Adobe site.

You may mail cheque and money order payments to:  

41 Cathedral Avenue, Winnipeg, R2W0W6

No access to a printer?   You may cut and paste the form, fill out it digitally, then email it back to  Or, print, fill out, scan, and email back.

The public libraries will allow printing, as well as Staples.

You may get a copy in class from Nicola, but please make sure your advance payment is mailed, dropped off, or completed via Paypal or e-transfer by the due dates indicated to lock in the rate.


– by e-transfer (preferred), Paypalcheque, or money orderContinuing students who have proven to be trustworthy with timed cash payments may pay monthly with cash.   Anyone wishing to pay cash in the first class may not be guaranteed a spot.

Continuing students wishing to submit their own payment schedule must:

-pay at least 50% by class start date;

-provide a payment schedule with their registration;

-must be fully paid halfway through session.

*Class Credits may be purchased in 5 hour chunks.

5 hours = $65. These must be used within the session they are bought, have no cash value, and cannot be refunded if you forget about their expiry date. Contact Nicola to purchase.

Paypal & e-transfers to:

Please remember to include a phone number on your Paypal  info so you may be reached.

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