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Registration will re-  O P E N pending the next few months of our COVID crisis.   Likely, classes will be offered in the fall in studio.

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Advance payment please –classes run on sufficient numbers of “feet on the floor”.


WEDNESDAYS — Shirley’s Dance Studio

                       255 Tache @ Eugenie

                              204. 233. 0609

                       lower level      back studio

Get in gear!  Early birds get the worms!

Pre-pay by Paypal, e-transfer, or mailed payment, and bring your completed form to class #1.

Returning students (in the same calendar year) only need to submit the payment portion (last page) of the updatedSpringRegistration2019

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Level 3:  Technique & Choreography for Performance

7:30 – 9:30  pm

7:30 – 8:30     Technique for classical Golden Age sharqi, drum solo, baladi, saïdi

8:30 – 9:30     choreography          

*must have minimum 3 continuous years of dance at the intermediate level /above to register*

Intended for aspiring/current performers.

Teachers welcome–it’s fun to have a turn as the student!

Must have prior experience with finger cymbals and veil.    (If you need instruction on finger cymbals, please also register for the Continuing classes, or, contact Nicola regarding combined private instruction/home study plan.)

Learn technique in the context of choreography.  Take a deep and delicious dive into the divine essence of Egyptian dance, as we explore techniques and embellishments.   Focus on style, nuances, and expression.

Choreography is a living thing, and Nicola approaches it as an organic process, something to question, understand, nurture, and adapt.   The how’s and why’s of authentic choreography will be discussed.

Dances will include:  classical raqs sharqi to the sublime “Mahasin Essodaf” by Hossam Ramzy;  saidi with assaya (cane); and a juicy Dina Talaat-influenced original baladi.  

  Syllabus and choreo notes given in class.

Please see SUPPLIES, below.

Fees are calculated to reward those dancers making a commitment to their learning and growth by committing to the whole evening and the whole session.


session   22. /class,  x  number of remaining/chosen classes                      

technique hour  17. / class  x # of classes 

drop-ins     20.   technique hour only  (cash, or etransfer in advance)


2019-2020 RegistrationForm


Beginner Egyptian Bellydance (Essentials)


A fun and frolicsome immersion in the yummy and playful dance of Egypt.

Primary focus on “bellydance” /raks sharqi.   The essential (most common & important)  movements, their common variations, and basic embellishments.   These movements can be adapted and modified for the unique needs and preferences of each dancer.

Introduction to veil work, basic finger cymbal technique, and basic intro to Arabic music.

Accessible for all body types, genders, sizes, ages.  Most supplies included.   See SUPPLIES,  below.

Want a “trial” class?   Come out for Culture Days, Sept. 30 at 2:30 pm! 

Sessional registration and consistent attendance is strongly encouraged.

Men are welcome, if you’re coming to dance and not gawk– adaptations will be offered.

* Level 1 techniques should be mastered before enrolling in Level 2.* 


Classes run on minimums and are capped at maximums!  

Avoid disappointment.

Continuing/Level 2– Variations & Embellishments   


A comprehensive and thorough grounding in the technical skills and knowledge for intermediates.


  • applying Essential movements in combinations and sequences, to the common drum rhythms and musical structures/patterns

  • common finger cymbal patterns/rhythms

  • veil techniques for entrances

  • introduction to folkloric

  • posture, travel steps, turns, transitions

  • instruments, melodic structures, & interpretations of Arabic music

  • “texturing”, embellishments, & variations

  • basic improv techniques (e.g. for baladi and  taksim)

  • sequences & choreography for shaabisaidi, & sharqi

  • drills, exercises, in-class challenges, partner work, combinations, & more!

Choreography will be prepared for the season-end.

Recommended that you have minimum 2-3 continuous sessions of essentials/beginner before registering for these classes, and/or previous dance experience in another style, and/or enrollment in “Essentials” also.

Please see SUPPLIES, further below.


drop-ins        20. /class    (space permitting)

Check back soon!  Nicola will be adding Sunday workshop -style classes.    

These classes will focus on dancing with the 5 elements for better connection to self and audience. 

AIEWA! Fitness Flow Bellydance


* Contact owner Sandi Knox to request the class.*


Body Balance Fitness

204-999-1016        1121 Henderson Hwy.

Prompt registration is required–online or in-person registration is through Body Balance. Gentler than other dance-based aerobics classes, with some added perks for your heart, soul, AND brain.   Egyptian dance done flow-style, in follow-the-leader combos that will get you moving, shimmying, and undulating. Great for back and hip mobility, help with proprioception and balance,  or to learn transition and flow for more experienced bellydance students.    Whole-dance introductory experience ideal for kinesthetic learners! Dance veils will be provided.  Please wear bare feet or dancer slippers (cushioned martial arts-type foam floor). All ages and shapes welcome!   wellness expo ___________________________________________________


By private/semi-private lessons or workshops:

-consult on or customized choreography

-coaching of solo/group dance

-collaboration on a special project


-technical tune-ups

-“Old School” American Cabaret (Am-Cab) performance– experienced students only — floorwork, sword balancing, veil dance,  the 5-Part Cabaret Routine — for those interested in becoming party/restaurant dancers.

50./hour plus studio     (choreography fee not included)

Children’s,Tweens/Teens, & School Programs:

Scheduled by request.

Hourly or flat rate fee depending on the booking.

Nicola has developed educational units that meet Manitoba curricular outcomes, for use in school programs around the subjects of Egypt and Egyptian dance. She will assemble companion hands-on learning kits on request and with pre-payment. Fees depend on the size of the kit and extent of lesson plan.  These kits may also be rented for up to 4 weeks by teachers. Please contact Nicola at 204-957-7520 or at for more information .


Nicola’s Technique Intensive

A Winnipeg original, and the very first of its kind here!

Typically scheduled as a workshop series. Hard-targeted technique classes designed to find and correct glitches, simplify your understandings,  figure out What The Hell is going on with your _________, clear away the clutter, and clean up the crap.

Get some clarity and enjoy some real progress.  Not for dabblers.



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– print, fill out, mail or drop off

– if you have Adobe, cut & paste the form, fill it out digitally,  email  to:

( Public libraries have printing, as well as Staples.)

-limited copies available in class to keep admin costs/paper waste down

-make sure your advance payment is mailed, dropped off, or completed online by the due dates indicated to lock in the rate and be counted in the class numbers


-by e-transfer (preferred) or Paypal to: 

– cheque  (NSF $35)

– money order

*cash payments for drop-ins only — safety/security concerns

-anyone delaying payment til the first class can’t be guaranteed a spot, and won’t be counted in the class numbers  (so class could be cancelled if you don’t register)

-continuing students can do timed payments–pay at least 40% by class start date; provide a payment schedule attached to your  registration; and be fully paid by the halfway class.

*Missing part of session for  travel, work commitments, health reasons?   Register in advance for only the dates you will attend– see late/partial rate.

Paypal & e-transfers to:

Please include a phone number on your Paypal  info so you may be reached in case of a problem.