Nicola accepts booking for:

-women’s parties/sessions
-studio-based  lessons, with or without short performances
-educational lectures or demonstrations with short performances
…in safe, suitable, select locations such as studios, community centres, schools, and other public venues.

Nicola is not booking performances of full 15-20 minute performance sets due to an ongoing injury.

If you’re seeking a “bellydancer” for your party, restaurant, event, or wedding, Nicola recommends Karla Yanina:   


“Just wanted to thank you… again for Saturday.  My mom was so surprised and everyone enjoyed the performance so much. Several people called yesterday to say thanks and that you were  the highlight of the evening!   You really helped to make it an extra special evening for my mom and for that  I can’t thank you enough!  Will let you know as soon as I have the pictures…can’t wait!” ~ S.Baker     xoxoxo


Invite the magic of Orientale raks sharqi dance to your next celebration.

Raks sharqi is traditionally performed at weddings and other family celebrations to warm hearts and enliven the mood.  Nicola embodies authentic Egyptian dance with a joyful, playful spirit.

Beautiful, elegant, compelling, magnetic, smooth, powerful, classic, sensuous, nuanced, pretty, and playful–this is just some of the praise for Nicola. Master-level dancers have remarked on her talent and especially her musicality , including Hadia, Cassandra,  Sahra Saeeda, Jalilah Zamora, Roula Said, and Suzannah del Vecchio. Her varied and extensive experience makes her a charming, entertaining performer in any venue. Nicola has danced in restaurants, in many stage shows, cabarets, gyms, parties, parks, homes, backyards, and poolside on the pavement.  She has even taught and danced on a piano bench, and “in the hay” with a canine assistant at a horse ranch!

Nicola wedding dance (3)offers family-friendly mixed lessons/dance demos, half- or full-day workshops for dancers of all levels, shows for weddings, parties, retirements, cultural events, festivals, stagettes/bachelorettes, blessing ways, promotions, and more.

Nicola was the first dancer in Winnipeg to offer stagette parties featuring “bellydance”.

For more details, see Nicola’s CV.

Nicola performs in authentic costuming appropriate for the audience and the show. Costuming styles reflect current trends in Egypt.  For example, the picture at right depicts the modern bedlah (bra and belt) costume, while at left, Nicola appears in folkloric costume.

Nicola donates some free and discounted shows and/or gift certificates to charities, non-profits, and community groups, based on a first-come, first-served basis.

Nicola’s dance theatre group, Amar Egyptian Dance, is available for casual shows such as street festivals and community gatherings.  AED bookings require 2-4 weeks notice and may be up to 30 minutes in length.

Nicola will discuss your booking over the phone or via email.  Once the details are sorted, a written agreement will be exchanged via email, to confirm these details.

Nicola is available for consulting, choreography, television and film work.

She has also developed teaching units and materials consistent with the MB Department of Education’s Social Studies curriculum.

See: Teaching & Performance Rates for prices and packages available.

Terms & Conditions:

  • non-refundable deposit of 25% is required, 1- 2 weeks in advance

  • bookings made less than 48 hours before an event carry an additional charge of $25

  • host must provide a private, secure space to warm-up and change, and to store belongings/costuming during the performance  and access to a clean bathroom and water

  • host must provide a stereo system that will play burned CDs/MP3s–$10 surcharge for portable stereo brought by Nicola

  • venue/party should be as described during booking interview

  • remainder of payment is due promptly upon arrival, prior to show, in cash.  Full pre-payment may be paid by mailed cheque, e-transfer, or Paypal

  • please provide accurate details of your event:   reason/theme of  event,  expectations,  who/how many people attending (ages, women only, co-ed , children, etc.), location w/ specific directions, parking info, indoor vs outdoor, type of flooring, obstacles or hazards (open fire, raised stage, equipment, animals, other performers), size of the dancing area, length of set/number of sets, special requests/preferences (music, styles/props, costuming, special attention for birthday girl/boy)

Nicola reserves the right to refuse a show. If she arrives and assesses the venue or audience unsuitable or unsafe, she will decline to perform.  Your deposit and (in the event of out of town booking) transportation fees will be retained.

nicolaCCSgalaBooking requirements:

  • liason/contact person to meet Nicola upon arrival for orientation, updates, and timing of the show’s start

  • ceiling height minimum 7 feet, without obstructions (e.g. hanging lights,  decorations)

  • minimum floor space of 8 x 8 ‘ (approx.)– 15 x 15′ minimum for troupe

  • clean, stable flooring/stage surface — free of debris, dirt, water, slivers, power cables

  • clear passage to stage/dance area from dressing area

  • secure, safe space with a locking door in which to change and store gear while performing (not a shared space)

  • access to a clean, private washroom


“On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined!” ~Lord Byron