What to expect

Nicola works based on the established industry standard of 15-20 minute sets at a fixed price.   Any dancer charging less than $125 for a single set is not a legitimate dancer and should be avoided.

A “set” usually includes use of a dance veil and may include finger cymbals or sword, depending on the venue. Music and dance from beginning to end will vary in tempos, rhythms, and moods.

Nicola makes everyone feel included and relaxed in a show that is fun, elegant, and enjoyable for all. Nicola will generally get folks up to dance during the set, and will take requests from hosts/organizers about who would/wouldn’t like to be pulled up.  For birthdays, stagettes, and weddings, Nicola places special focus on the person(s) being honoured, and gives the music CD as a souvenir.  She will pose for photographs with the person(s) of honour.

Costuming can include the iconic bra, belt and skirt (bedlah), the more authentic beledi decorated dress, or folkloric styles. Nicola picks based on the kind of venue, performance, and audience.  For conservative or family audiences, Nicola will appear in a full dress that covers the arms, belly, cleavage, and legs.

Performance styles include:

  • Egyptian raks sharqi (Orientale, cabaret style “bellydance”) –Golden Age and modern;raks-al-hockey
  • Drum solo;
  • Veil (American style);
  • Baladi and shaabi (pop), with or without finger cymbals;
  • Sword (balancing &  floordance);
  • Egyptian and other folk / regional styles:
    • Saidi;
    • Raks al assaya (cane);
    • Ghawazee;
    • Meleyya Leff;
    • Khaleegi;
  • Other:
    • Fusion;
    • Fantasy;
    • Comedy / parody (ex. “raks al haqqi” – the hockey stick dance).

Nicola provides dance entertainment.   She won’t carry signs, cakes, or other non-dance related items. Please do not ask a dancer to write messages on her body – no “Happy Birthday” on the belly!

She will pose for photos with the guest(s) of honour.   These photos will be tasteful and will not involve sitting on laps or inappropriate touching.

-Arrival is 15-20 minutes in advance of the start time.

-Please provide a private, secure space as a change room.

-25% deposit is due 7-14 days in advance (one month advance for New Year’s); remainder is due upon arrival. Non-refundable.  Booking Confirmation pdf form will be emailed to you after your initial booking consulation by phone or email.

-December, May, and June are peak times. Bookings fill up quickly.

For more info or to make a booking please contact Nicola at 204-957-7520 or <nicolaraks@mts.net>.