Amar Egyptian Dance Company

Amar Egyptian Dance was created  in 2012 to stage raks sharqi and folkloric dance theatre in a more substantive way.

Amar first appeared in the Bolero Dance Theatre co-production, Cleopatra .  This full-length show was a co-creation of Nicola and Pedro Aurelio, artistic director of BDT.  The show first played in October 2012 with a cast of 30+ dancers and musicians, with  Nicola as Isis, Pedro as Julius Caesar, Monique Riveira as Cleopatra, and Howard Chan as Marc Antony.  It was reprised with 6 new dances and guest star, Beatriz Barcelo of Spain’s Ballet Naçional, for the 2013 Winnipeg Fringe Festival.   Cleopatra was honoured with a 4-star review and played to enthusiastic audiences throughout its festival run.
nicola-bellydance's Cleopatra October 2012 starring Bolero and Amar album on Photobucket

AED is a departure from the typical troupe format.  AED focusses on select stage shows, typically hosted or created by Nicola.   Casting of dancers is renewed with each show, to keep our energy fresh and our commitment inspired.   This more organic and passionate approach has transformed the energy of group dance coaching and choreography for Nicola.

Amar and Bolero appeared in the 2017 co-productionScheherazade & 1001 Arabian-Flamenco Nights on May 6 & 7, 2017 at Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain.  Thanks to all who performed, helped prepare, and worked at the show!   Special thanks to Compusmiles,  our main sponsors.

nicola-bellydance's Scheherazade and 1001 Flamenco-Arabian Nights 2017 album on Photobucket

Amar Cast of Cleopatra 2012:   Nicola, Leanne, Joëlle, Asra, Zafirah, Janice, Nicole, Youngok, Jackie

Amar Cast of Cleopatra 2013:  Nicola, Joëlle, Leanne, Lucille, Anna, Za’ina Dilshad, Heather

Amar Cast of Scheherazade 2017:  Nicola, Asra, Mary, Barbara, Janice, Kevla

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