Teaching & Performing Rates


more info:   Privates & Workshops

group sessional  4+ classes and  4+ students

semi-Private (2 or 3 students)

private  (1 student)                        

any of the above  =    50. / hour, plus studio rental

 workshops —  2 hour minimum — for dance students (not party bookings)

         75. / hour, plus studio rental

+ facility, transportation if out of town

+ performance fee if there is a show


performance (15 – 20 min set)          175./set
~ additional 15 – 20 min set,  w/ costume change       150.

premium restaurant booking  (2+ shows per month)       125. / set

             *minimum 2 sets/night, + minimum 2 bookings/month

 New Year’s Eve, weddings,  & formal events          250. – 500.

~includes 2 – 3 sets, w/ full costuming, w/changes, & props

 Zeffa al Arouss (wedding procession) with shamadan (candelabra)

Traditional Egyptian wedding processional.   Family members may be included, and multiple dancers are available.  Requires 4-8 weeks advance booking, depending on the number of dancers and drummer(s),  and 50% deposit minimum 2 weeks in advance.

Nicola dances with shamadan (candelabra) in traditional gallabeya dress, with group of dancers, finger cymbals, and drums leading the couple in to the celebration venue and/or dancing around the couple.  This is followed by a solo performance.

Bride should be seated to the groom’s right, on the dance floor or a raised platform/dais. Family members are welcome to join in with candles and/or drums.

 500.  group       250.  Nicola 






Dance Parties/Combo Lesson & Show

Ideal for showers, parties, Girls’ Night Out, youth groups, staff wellness, blessing ways, retreats, or bachelorettes/stagettes.  Nicola was the very first dancer in Winnipeg to offer stagette parties.

A short, just-for-fun introductory lesson plus short demo dance (5-10 minutes) in casual costuming.

Fee scale reflects length of lesson, performance, &  costuming.

Lesson (20+ minutes) &  demo ( 8-15 minutes)
~ up to 60 minutes total (includes studio time)                  250.    

 (Nicola includes props /supplies to borrow, such as hipscarves and veils for up to 15.)

– bookings  60+ minutes subject to additional fees

                        ~ 25. per half hour added






Studio Bookings:

-studio rentals are $25 – $50 +GST/hour, depending on the facility

Recommended:  Rising Star Academy of Arts, Ted Motyka Dance, NafroDance, Shirley’s Dance Studio, or the Institute of Dance of Manitoba.

-studio bookings must be booked and fully paid for in advance, typically 7-14 days. There are no refunds for cancelled studio bookings.  If you are making these arrangements directly with a studio, Nicola must receive a confirmation of your booking (e.g. copy of email).   

-privates/semi-privates may be booked in your home only if you are already a student in Nicola’s classes and if you have quiet, clean, sufficient, private space. This change is based on  safety/security issues.  

-privates/semi-privates requiring studio bookings must be paid in full and in advance




Out-of-Town Bookings:

 0.50 / km, return, transportation charge    +     teaching/performing fees

-please contact Nicola for more information or if you are in a community more than 2 hours drive and interested in negotiating a flat rate for transportation

-out of town bookings requiring airfare must have that cost included in booking a contract

-all full-day or overnight bookings must include meals

-all overnight bookings must include private and safe accommodations

-Nicola charges standard industry rates or higher, and will not engage in nor condone the practice of undercutting.  This predatory pricing policy undermines the integrity of professional dance practice, and is to the detriment of all, including you, the patron.   It creates a race to the bottom for working conditions and pay.  Any dancer charging less than $125 per set is undercutting–this is a rate set by performers in Winnipeg in the mid-2000’s.

– if Nicola is unavailable for your event, she’ll be happy to provide a referral to a qualified, experienced professional dancer.  Currently Nicola refers dance jobs to Asra and Karla Yanina.

-rates are subject to change, and may be re-negotiated, depending on the unique needs and demands of a given booking.  Rates will not change once a booking is confirmed, unless the patron wishes to add to the show. 

-all rates must be confirmed in writing  before a booking is considered finalized and firm