more info:   Privates & Workshops

group sessional

(4+ classes and  4+ students)

semi-Private (2 or 3 students)

private  (1 student)                        

any of the above  =    50. / hour    +  studio 

 workshops : 2 hour minimum — for dance students (not party bookings)

        =     75. / hour      +     studio 

+ facility, transportation if outside of Perimeter

+ performance fee if there is a show



200. /  15-20 minute set
~ additional 15 – 20 min set,  w/ costume change       175.

premium restaurant booking  (2+ shows per month)            150. / set                         *minimum 2 sets/night, + minimum 2 bookings/month

 New Year’s Eve, weddings,  & galas         

              275. – 500.

~includes 2 – 3 sets, w/ full costuming, w/changes, & props

 Zeffa al Arouss (wedding procession) with shamadan (candelabra)

Traditional Egyptian wedding processional.   Family members welcome to participate, and multiple dancers are available.  

Requires 4-8 weeks advance booking, depending on the number of dancers and drummer(s)

+  50% deposit, minimum 2 weeks in advance.

Nicola dances with shamadan (candelabra) in traditional gallabeya dress, with a group of dancers, finger cymbals, and drums leading the couple in to the celebration venue and/or dancing around the couple.  

This is followed by a solo performance.

Bride should be seated to the groom’s right, on the dance floor or a raised platform/dais.

Family members are welcome to join in with candles and/or drums!

        500.  group       

        275.  Nicola only (no dancers or drummers)






Dance Parties (combo lesson / show)

showers, parties, Girls’ Night Out, youth groups, staff wellness, blessing ways, retreats, or bachelorettes/stagettes.  

Nicola was the very first dancer in Winnipeg to offer stagette parties.

A short, just-for-fun introductory lesson plus short demo dance (5-10 minutes) in casual costuming.

Fee scale reflects length of lesson, performance, &  costuming.

Lesson (20+ minutes)  +  demo ( 8 – 15 minutes)
*up to 60 minutes   (includes studio)                     250.    

 (Nicola includes props /supplies to borrow, such as hipscarves and veils for up to 15 people)

*  60+ minutes  =  additional 25. /  half hour 





Studio Bookings:

-studio rentals are $20 – $50 +GST / hour, depending on the facility

Recommended:   Ted Motyka Dance, Shirley’s Dance Studio, or the Institute of Dance of Manitoba.

-studio bookings must be booked and fully paid for in advance, typically 7-14 days. There are no refunds for cancelled studio bookings.  

If you are making these arrangements directly with a studio, Nicola must receive a confirmation of your booking (e.g. copy of email).   

-privates/semi-privates may be booked in your home only if you are already a student in Nicola’s classes, and if you have quiet, clean, sufficient, private space. This change is based on  repeated safety/security issues.  

-privates/semi-privates requiring studio bookings must be fully paid in advance




Out-of-Town Bookings:

 0.50 / km, return, transportation charge    

+     teaching/performing fees

-please contact Nicola for more information, or if you are in a community more than 2 hours drive and interested in negotiating a flat rate for transportation

-out of town bookings requiring airfare must have that cost included in booking a contract

-all full-day or overnight bookings must include meals

-all overnight bookings must also include private, safe, non-smoking accommodations

-Nicola charges standard industry rates or higher, and will not engage in nor condone the practice of “undercutting”.  This is a predatory pricing that undermines the integrity of professional dance practice, and is to the detriment of all, including you, the patron.   It creates a race to the bottom for working conditions and pay.  Any dancer charging less than $125 per set is undercutting–this is a rate set by performers in Winnipeg in the mid-2000’s.

– if Nicola is unavailable for your event, she’ll be happy to provide a referral to a qualified, experienced professional dancer.  Currently Nicola refers dance jobs to Asra and Karla Yanina.

– rates are subject to change, and may be re-negotiated, depending on the unique needs and demands of a given booking

-rates will not change once a booking is confirmed, unless the patron wishes to add to the show 

-all rates must be confirmed in writing  before a booking is considered finalized