Queen Magpie’s hoard is up for grabs!

 20+ years worth of costuming, hidden treasures, and what-not-ica.

Many items are goddess/curvy size.

All are in good to excellent condition, most are handmade, and many are very unique/one-of-a-kind.

Due to the fact that all items were, technically, “previously owned”,  this all second-hand.

Some items are designated for charitable donation once purchased — funds to Cancer Care Manitoba, Doctors Without Borders, and Winnipeg Harvest food bank– as requested by their owners.

Some items are cross-posted on Facebook Marketplace.

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– This is a one-time purge for Nicola and splurge for you.   Transactions terms are for quick payment and shipping, once you’ve picked what you want.

– All items are from a clean, non-smoking, bug-free home.    Nicola is an experienced costumer and has museum training, so items have been stored and cleaned with archivally-responsible methods  (clean, dry, protected, and away from direct light, heat, and moisture).   No bleach, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, or chemical polishes have ever been used on this collection.  Decorated costuming has been stored in bins and drawers to minimize the wear-and-tear of gravity.   Proper drying and cleaning of costuming post-performances has been followed– even danced-in items are still “minty”. 

-Condition and origin (where known) is indicated in item  description.  If there’s a backstory, it will be included.  

-Many items were bought “on spec” for troupe/student use, and never worn.  Others are works in progress that have sat too long.   

All prices here are in CAD.   Unless the Canadian dollar takes a major dip or spike, prices will remain as listed. The day you pay is the day you convert to your currency.  

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-Although everything is already a bargain, I’ll consider deals, if you are buying multiple items, or spending more than $200.  Shipping will be combined whenever possible. I can’t offer deals on both the items and shipping.

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Lay-away for purchases $200+:  40% down and  3 months from start date to pay, non-refundable (if you get flaky and change your mind).  

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Please read the whole listing before you email with questions…I think I have included nearly everything you could want to know.

I had a little cry as I photographed and measured this beauty…my pain is your gain!

Commissioned several years ago, Eshta made only 2 costumes with this sunset gradient satin, and only 1 like this.    Truly gorgeous goddess-size costume!   Something between Marilyn Monroe and Tahia Carioca,  in full riotous colour.    I asked for vintage-inspired, ultra-feminine, buxom bombshell, I-want-to-lick-it pretty.   Eshta delivered!  It literally glows.   If you could capture a sunset over the Pacific Ocean in a costume, this is it!  Supremely elegant and feminine.

Sadly, I have NEVER worn this and it has NEVER been out in public to play.   The costume arrived as my autoimmune disease was taking hold, which resulted in a 40 pound weight gain.

Coping with Hashimoto’s has been a lot to bear, and looking at this costume is a reminder of what I’ve lost.  It’s too lovely to be locked away in storage any longer!  Please buy this glorious costumes and let it be on a stage.

INCLUDES:  standard size rectangular organza hot pink veil; sunset satin skirt with rolled wired hem, attached to assymetrical belt (wider in the back, skinnier in the front); foam cup bra with back closure; head band; 2 arms bands with drapey bits; plus a few extra stones for repairs.


Bra— made on a DDD foam cup.   Has been stiffened.   Eshta cut the original band between the cups, inserted a narrow pink band with a tish of stretch,  and replaced the back straps with lightly reinforced satin.   Straps are 1″ wide, unlined, with handmade, rocaille bead looped fringe in orange and gold.  Handmade paisley-ish appliqués, with AB on gold rhinestone trim, peachy faceted glass beads, gold acrylic stones, on hot pink micro sequin net background.  Satin sections on cup are bead-on-flat-sequin, in pink and gold.   There are round and pear AB crystals in gold clasped setting.  There is a single trouser hook closure.   Fully lined with orange cotton.   The front of the cups has delicious tucking that is an homage to the Golden Age of bellydance.   Centre looped fringe drape, orange, pink and gold.

Cups = 8″ vertical, ~ 10.5″ horizontal, diagonal 8.75″ from inner edge to strap attachment;   band between cups is 1″ across widest edge; inside of strap to inside of strap across the chest is about 14″.   Back straps are 15.75″ and 15.25 ” each– longer one overlaps for closure.  Outer edge to outer edge of cups along the bottom is about 14.5″.

Skirt + Belt— skirt and belt combo were made for  height of 5’9″.   Circle skirt style,  hem is lettuce, rolled with wire.   Bottom of belt to skirt  hem measures 34″ . Belt is narrower in the front (~2.5″)  and wider in the back (~4.5″), with a left hip closure currently with 2 trouser hooks (no counter-set).   There is a split in the skirt where it does up, hem to belt.   Ms. Diana La Mannequin in the pics above is an 18, so you can see in the photos that the belt does NOT fit her.   Belt has same appliqués and fringe as bra, but more of them–18 appliqués, 7 pear AB crystals, 3 rounds, the rest are gold acrylic stones.

Belt measures total of 48″ end to end (without overlap).

Headband–made on a plastic headband, covered with pink sequin stretch fabric and has one appliqué.   Can wear it left or right.

Arm bands–made with same pink sequin stretch as headband.   Firm, non-rolling, 1″ elastic, 5.75″ across when flat (so 11.5″ total circumference?) unstretched, 7″ flat/14″ around when stretched.

Veil— lovely, glowy hot pink organza –“pinkitypinkpink” –standard size, hemmed all around with serged overcast.

This costume has been in a temperate space, away from light, bugs, moisture, pets, and other hazards.   It has been in a new, acid-free, lidded bin with no other items.

Please make this gorgeous creation yours!

Original price = $525 USD +  $25 USD shipping (when the Canadian dollar was crappy).

$450 USD (+ shipping).    CAD please contact Nicola.

SOLD AS SET ONLY“Bastet” style top /skirt/gauntlet combo by Off the Nile, from Dahlal

With tags, never worn.   Both XXL (Dahlal’s sizing).   Purple stretch micro-sequin squiggle on TOP is mock wrap, pull on,   underbust unstretched is 32”/ 82 cm, stretched max  is 44”/112 cm. full bust unstretched  is ~ 36”/92 cm  stretched 48”/122 cm .   NOT a generous fit–cut of  bust darts and panels  are best suited for up to D cup or DD if smaller underbust and narrower in shoulders.   Original retail  $52 USD.   

SKIRT  is mermaid style,  4 panels, single leg opening can be worn in the center front, over one leg, or in the back for greater versatility.  3/4” elastic waistband.  Can easily be shortened from the top.

Standard skirt length measures 39″/100 cm.   Hipband unstretched is 39”/100 cm, stretched is 48”/122 cm.  Seams start to pucker at about 44″.

Original retail is $70 USD.

GAUNTLETS/armbands are meant to be worn mid-arm, spanning the elbow.   Dahlal size XXL.

Unstretched length is 10″, 4″ wide at bottom and 5″ at top.     Width stretched is 5″ and 7″ (max!  would get pinchy).   Original retail $15 USD –no longer available at Dahlal website.

This fabric looks totally fantastic under stage and low lighting, and is a true royal purple.    

Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.

PLEASE NOTE that overstretching will pop the stitching on the fabric and result in loss of sequins.    Displayed on a dress form adjusted to size 18.   Better fit for a 14-16.    

See the original details here:


SET PRICE =   $125 CAD     


Gold beaded & sequined foam cup bra , “plus size” from


Bra made in China, label reads “Size 44 D, 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton. ”  This bra compares in size to a 38DD I have. 

Straps are bead & sequin to shoulder and adjustable –the original bra straps which unhook at front and back (probably a convertible strapless).   Back strap has bugle beads sewn in V to closure, which has 3 hooks.   Silicon sticky strip along top edge of cups and top/bottom of back strap.

Inside cup:  Vertical- 8″ / Horizontal- 9 1/2 ” / Diagonal- 9 ½”. 

Bra band- unstretched 33″ / stretched 37″

Never worn!  Website’s estimate on size range is very inaccurate.  Bought on spec for use in  troupe. 

Would look great under a tie top or cut-away baladi dress.    The bra is well made and the decorations are sewn well.   No lining.  Recommend adding reinforced straps and full decoration of back strap if you will wear the bra alone (e.g. not under another costume piece).    Right now as a stand-alone, it has too many costume no-no’s.

$20  CAD

*View it at full price here: <>

Jewellery & Accessories:

See also:  Vintage, Retro & Repro section, further down.

Cowry & Leather Belt  

Resplendent!   Triple row of beautifully matched cowries (all intact) on leather, made in India, by Esprit, purchased at Esprit store.  Worn 3 times.  Cowry stitching is covered by layer of leather lining.   Suede ties.   Size L.   Decorated portion ~ 37”/ 94 cm, full measurement is + 33 70”/178 cm.  

$10 CAD 

Brass “bitty” bell & coin belt

Tribal-y style coin belt.   Created by a local dancer from 2 bracelets and an anklet.   Original pieces made in India.   Several Grecian head-style coins added to adjoining links to minimize the gaps.   

End to end measures 35”/89 cm.  

Could easily be disassembled for use as separate pieces, as long necklace, sewn onto fitted belt, used in hair wrap, etc. —  very versatile.   Nice heftiness and great jingle.  They don’t make them like this anymore!   Bit of wear and patina (but not green brass tarnish), giving it a nice seasoned look.  Has been kept in a Ziploc to prevent green tarnish.   (NOTE:  Green tarnish on brass is toxic!)

$15 CAD 

Silver & genuine gemstone pendant

Indian made, silver setting, with turquoise and carnelian (that’s how it was labelled in the store).   Fair trade.   I bought in as an amulet when pregnant, b/c it looks like a  fertility goddess.   

Measures approx. 2″ by 1″.   Hidden loop on the back for a chain or other.  Back of the setting is a bit rough — I’d recommend gluing felt or leather to the back, if you intend to wear it as a pendant against your skin.  Would also look great on a bra, belt, or headpiece.   

$15 CAD

Brass coin necklace or belly drape

Purchased from Horus & Isis Company, imported from/made in Egypt.   Bright, shiny brass coated coins and medallions on chains, with small round bells (not “bitty” bells).   Chain links are smooth and oblong.   Hook closure.   5 rows of draped chain connects to half moon with 3 glass stones–royal blue, red, and turquoise.   Light weight.   Purchased to go with coin bra cover (sold separately).

Never worn!   Wholesale price from H & I was $8.75 USD plus shipping & duty.  (Horus and Isis requires minimum order to get wholesale prices–at that time it was $200 USD.)

$10 CAD

See the original here:


Brass coin & bead pharaonic head dress

Imported from Horus & Isis, for use in the 2013 Fringe production of Cleopatra.   It didn’t fit underneath a mask and headdress already commissioned for the show.

Circumference is about 11″.  Longest fringe piece is 9″.   Gold and oil slick coated plastic beads.   Very lightweight, considering the amount of fringe.   Quieter jingle.  Best for straight hair.

$12 CAD

Here is the original listing from H& I: <>

Thai silver bangle

Purchased from fair trade store Ten Thousand Villages.   Silver, not aluminum or junk metal– paid $25 CAD in the early 2000’s.   Lovely patina.  Cross-hatched design on centre section, flanked by starbursts.   Couldn’t get a good shot of the design.

Measures 6.5″ around with 1″ gap.

Sad to see it unworn.   Please buy so it gets to fulfill its bracelet-y destiny.

$10 CAD

Hip Scarves:

SOLD! Unique olive green and gold hip scarf from King of the Nile. 

Made in Egypt.  If you ever bought hipscarves from KotN, you know how well made and special they were!   

Never worn!   Brass Eye of Horus coins, opaque gold- coated ovoid, round, and teardrop beads.   Ends of scarf ties are decorated.   Top edge is continuous bead-in-crochet.   V-shape.   Chiffon.  Flattering to curvy hips.  Jingles with a bright tone.  

Bottom (last) picture is most accurate representation of the colour.

End-to-end measures ~ 74 “/188 cm.  

(Selling for a student.)

$30 CAD 

Feline print, beige/brown/black panel skirt-scarf

Sometimes called “octopus scarves”– 8 panels.   Made in Egypt.   Worn twice.  

Faceted gold beads, black crochet thread, plus gold glass rocaille beads.  Fully decorated edges.   Triple row of decoration on hips. 

Purchased from Dahlal International, who describes scarf thusly:  “Maximize your shimmies and spins with this unique look in a skirt scarf. Eight separate panels make the scarf flair out when you spin and add extra movement to your shimmies. A great choice for instructors — your students will be able to see and hear every move.”

 Approx. 85″ across the top, panel length about  36-38″ (slightly graduated, longest in centre back). Decorated area: 45″. 

Designed to be worn tied at centre front.   Works best on curvy hips and bottom.  Chiffon fabric looks darker and browner than in the pictures. 

Full price right now at Dahlal is $95 USD,  on sale for $80 USD.  (I paid $100+ for this one when they were trendy.)  Selling b/c it does not match the top I wanted it to go with.

(Veil sold.)

$60 CAD

Veils & Other Props:

Fabrics, Notions, & Trims:

In this section is fabrics, beads, fringes, ribbons, trims, stones, and what-not-ica for creation & embellishment of costuming…

Copper plated coins

Rare copper-plated coins from Egypt.   Punched, so one side is “good”.  Have a slight patina (not the green kind).   These have never been out of the bag, except for the photo below.

Slightly more than ½ ” across.  100 count per bag.  Super tinkly!   Purchased from Saramaga Middle Eastern Imports in 1999, for a copper coin costume–I was able to get Saroyan coppers instead.  Have been inside the bags since.   No green patina.

Need a loving home…perhaps yours? Oui?

$8 CAD per bag           buy all 5:  $35


repro Art Deco faux jet chandelier earrings

Sexy sway and twinkle.    Faux jet set-in stones ( all intact) on smokey grey steel alloy.

Post (about ½”) with anti-tug backs.  Measure 2.5″ long by 1.5″ high.

Worn twice.   Lots of compliments on these sumptuous, elegant lovelies!

Purchased in 2002 at The Bay.   Retail $40 CAD (on sale).  Sorry, can’t remember brand and there’s no maker’s mark.

$20 CAD 

1970’s pewter Victorian repro necklace & bracelet

Very unique–only found one other like it online.   Chain is double linked with clasp closure.  Ornate curliques of smooth and textured pewter.   Very hard to photograph! No maker’s mark.

From my aunt’s collection.   She says it’s from the Arts & Crafts revival era, “that time we were all wearing peasant dresses and lace skirts and cameos, and getting into handmade stuff– kind of hippy meets Victorian”.

 $30 CAD

Coro mid-century goldtone brooch with wheat stalks

Coro maker’s mark.   Stalks of wheat reclining on a bed of leaves.   Smooth and textured finish.   Measures 2.5 x 2.5 ” and has 1.5″ pin closure.   Bottom and left side of pin each have one leaf tip with sharp point– not sure of reason.    Back looks as if another fastener or feature was present at some point.  Otherwise in great shape.   Lovely glow and weightiness.

$10 CAD

I found one other similar brooch on eBay, priced at around $12 USD.

SOLD! Coro pearl & turquoise brooches

Mid-century, fanciful ribbons of goldtone metal with tiny seed pearls and turquoise.  I am finding conflicting information as to whether these are genuine stones and pearls.   From my aunt’s collection, from her aunt.

The large one (photos 1 and 2)has some slight wiggle where the two sections are affixed–aunt says it was always like that.   The smaller one almost looks like a 4-armed seastar at rest.   All stones are intact.

Similar brooches are selling for $12-50 USD on Etsy and eBay.

Large  $15 CAD

Small $8  CAD

Both   $20 CAD

Late 1960s/early 1970s  resin bangles

Selling as a set–  2 skinny and 2 chunky.   If you love this era of style à la “Laugh In” and Austin Powers, then here’s a wrist full for you!

Inside diameter is 2.75 “

These were in the “junk” jewellery box we played in as kids.  There is wear on the edges especially the chunky ones, which we were convinced were made of Life Savers candies.   Colours are pink, light purple, neon lime green, and neon orange.   Groovy, baby!

Compare to bangles here: <>

$5 CAD for all 4

1980s Chinoiserie/Orientalist bangle

Another goodie from my aunt.   Brass bangle with faceted sections of what looks like orangey-red marbled resin set between brass bands.

No maker’s mark.   Inside diameter is 2.75″.   Some patina (not the toxic green kind) on the brass gives it a lovely aged look.

An archaeologist friend suggested the red sections might be dyed bone.   (When rubbed, they smell like bone. They do resemble the texture and smell of some African cowbone jewellery that I have.)

$10 CAD

I found one other online:



All dvd/video formats are for use in North America.  Many of these are no longer in production…

It is fairly easy now to find someone who can transfer analog to digital media.   Some of these cost $50 and up when purchased in the early 2000s.