Recycle your Avon plastics with Nikki

I am committed to reducing waste in my life.   One of many things I like about Avon is that their products come with less packaging.

Avon products never sit on a store shelf, so there’s no need for excessive wrap, tabs, packs, or security packaging.   Most makeup products come with a small tab of tape, in a recyclable box, but on occasion, fully wrapped in plastic.

Avon’s clothing and soft accessories (scarves, bags, etc.) do come wrapped in plastic bags, as most retail clothing does when it arrives from the factory.

If you’re a customer living in Winnipeg or surrounding areas,  I’ll take your plastic Avon bags back (once you’ve opened your order).   I’ll save and donate the plastics to Winnipeg’s Take Pride school bag contest.    Bags will be given to an inner city school that is part of this contest–the winners get birdhouses, benches, and more, donated by an Ontario company that recycles bags into products.    This program removes tens of thousands of bags per year from Winnipeg’s landfill.