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Nicola at Starfire’s Shivers & Shimmies 2017:

Nicola at Starfire’s Shivers & Shimmies 2016:

Nicola at Lovely Dozen’s World Belly Dance Day show with Ranya Renee, Grand Forks, ND, 2015:

Nicola at South East Shimmy’s show with Mahin Sciaaca, 2014:

Nicola (various):

interview with Nicola in the Winnipeg Sun  June 2104:


Scheherazade & 1001 Flamenco-Arabian Nights
May 2017 with Bolero Dance Theatre:

Rock the Casbah: Myth, Magic, Mischief June 11/16

with guests Pedro Aurelio, Ruth Reimer, Aremi, Starfire Bellydance, Kalilah

Foto d’Adriano photos :

Hocus Focus Photography photos (best of):

Nicola & Amar Egyptian Dance in Myth, Magic, & Mischief June 2016 at Prairie Theatre Exchange, Winnipeg

a playful redo of our fan dance  (yes, those are pizza boxes)

Nicola & AED in Starfire’s Shivers & Shimmies 2017  

-an early and playfyl draft of our pirate dance from Scheherazade

Nicola & Amar Egyptian Dance at  World Belly Dance Show with Ranya Renee, Grand Forks, ND 2015  (produced by the Lovely Dozen)

Cleopatra 2012 with Bolero Dance Theatre:

nicola-bellydance's Cleopatra October 2012 starring Bolero and Amar album on Photobucket

Cleopatra (2012)

promo clip:

Mermaid / Sea Battle Dance (choreography by Nicola Tresoor and Pedro Aurelio) .  Filmed by Nascency Productions.


Raks into Summer recitals:

RitS  2015

nicola-bellydance's Raks into Summer 2015 Hocus Focus photos album on Photobucket

Foto d’Adriano best of:

nicola-bellydance's Raks into Summer 2015 Foto d Adriano album on Photobucket

RitS 2014:

nicola-bellydance's Raks into Summer 2014 album on Photobucket

RitS 2013

nicola-bellydance's Raks into Summer 2013 album on Photobucket

RitS 2012:

RitS 2010:

RitS 2009:

RitS 2008:

Orient Express and Other Stage Shows:

Club Bellydance 2013 with the Belly Dance Super Stars:

nicola-bellydance's Club Bellydance 2013 album on Photobucket

Lemonade Hafleh 2013:

nicola-bellydance's Lemonade Haflah November 2013 album on Photobucket

Orient Express 4 (2012) with Sahra Saeeda Kent:

Club Bellydance (2011) with the Belly Dance Super Stars:

“Orient Express 3” (2010) with Cassandra Shore

& Jawaahir Dance Company:

Journey Through Egypt 2009 with Sahra Saeeda Kent

& guests at Gas Station Theatre:

Orient Express 2 with Hadia 2008 at the Gas Station Theatre:

Orient Express with Hadia (2007) at Prairie Theatre Exchange:

-our apologies, the show photos were not useable

Nicola with Spice Road Belly Dance (2008-2011):


nicola-bellydance's Spice Road Belly Dance album on Photobucket

Ahlan Dance Company & Gamaal Rawhany (1999-2006):

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Additional archived photos from shows and events prior to 2008 are visible at Nicola’s Photobucket area.