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How to Tip a Dancer

Tips are a traditional part of the dance show, but many Westerners do not know how to do it tastefully and respectfully. Some dancers will not accept tips directly, which is their choice. I accept tips. Most dancers feel appreciated by the giving of tips, as it shows you really enjoy what she is doing….

About Restaurant Dancing

Ah, the restaurant gig. Fun, unpredictable, often ill-paying, it’s regular, bread-and-butter work, yet is often also tiring and tedious. It tends to be the last bastion of bad dancing. On occasion, it is the secret stomping (shimmying?) grounds of diamonds-in-the-rough. I know I cut my performance teeth and learned the hardest way possible the year…

Q – I saw a dancer once in a restaurant. I thought bellydance was cheesy and dumb. Why should I bother taking a class or going to another show?

Unfortunately, not every dancer out there is good at performing or teaching. Any one can “hang their shingle” out there. Not all dancers understand that what they do reflects upon every other dancer. Come to a class, come to a show, and allow those of us who really care about the art form to change…