Q – I took a session with another instructor and didn’t like it. I’m in your class now and it’s totally different. I feel like I’m starting over. Why are classes so inconsistent?

I’ m truly sorry to hear that you had a negative experience. Sometimes you have to take several classes with several teachers before you find the right one for you. You may require a different kind of room (mirrors vs. no mirrors, cool vs. warm, bright vs. dark), a different teaching style, prefer a different […]

Q – I see classes advertised in various places, and the fees are so different. Even yours have different prices. Some are in studios, some in gyms. Why?

Teachers don’t always have a say in how much their class will cost. Those of us who teach for an institution or facility that runs its own programmes and registration are often simply “contract workers”. We are paid hourly rates and students charged class fees as set by the directors/coordinators of such programmes. Share on […]